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  1. I just updated to build 1803 a few days ago. (well, it was a forced update). I went into safe mode & replaced the DWMGlass.dll with the experimental build. So far everything seems to be working just fine. Haven't run into any problems
  2. Hello, I noticed for a while, that there is a line that goes straight up on the left of the navigation bar. I posted a pic to show what I'm talking about. I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of that? I tried different settings & different atlas themes, but I can't get it to go away.
  3. How to get navigation bar to be transparent

    Thank you! I found a program to disable the ribbon & now it looks great!!!
  4. How to get navigation bar to be transparent

    No response? Ok, well can anyone tell me if this is just a known issue, or if this appears to only be a problem on my end?
  5. Hello, I recently updated Windows to build 1709 & updated AeroGlass to 1.5.8. I seem to have a problem with the navigation area just being black, rather than transparent. I was wondering if there is something I can do to get the entire top of the window to be transparent, like in Windows 7. Thank you for any help you can provide
  6. I just updated to 1.5.4. But I'm not updated to the Creator's Update yet. So, when I updated to the latest version, the aero glass effects aren't working and it just has a blue tint. I was wondering if I either needed to update to the creators update for this to work properly. or if I needed to update to a newer version of the AeroGlass GUI?
  7. Experimental atlas for Creator Update?

    Thanks for the reply. I think I'll wait until 1.5.4 officially releases before updating to the Creators Update. Probably crazy for asking, but is there any ETA as to when it will be removed from beta, for official release?
  8. Experimental atlas for Creator Update?

    Ok, so will the current 1.5.3 version fully work with Creators Update? I'm using the paid version with the donation.key. I'm using the Sagorpirbd Windows 7 theme. I've been hesitant to upgrade to the creators update because I heard that aeroglass doesn't fully work on it yet. But if I apply the creators update, with the rounded corners atlas, will it work ok, with the full transparent, clear aero effects? Or will there be any problems I should be aware of?
  9. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.1

    Thank you very much! That worked perfectly!! :D
  10. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.1

    This is probably a big newbie question, but I was wondering how to adjust the opacity? On the original 1.4.5 version I was able to use the AeroGlassGUI to adjust the opacity & color balance with a simple slider. But with this latest version the GUI doesn't work. Is there a way I can adjust them through a command prompt or a tutorial that explains how to do it?
  11. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.4.6

    I don't know if anyone can be of any help, but I can't get 1.4.6 to work. I'm using the anniversary edition of Windows 10, so it just might not be supported. I can get 1.4.5 to work reasonably well. But when I install 1.4.6, nothing happens. It doesn't seem to acknowledge that it was installed. Also, when I'm running 1.4.5 on the anniversary edition, my donation key majorly messes up Windows. Without the key, it can run the trial version just fine, but once I put my donation key in the directory, the screen keeps flashing & the system keeps logging off, then back in. I even tried purchasing the donation key again, but the problem still persists