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  1. I completely agree about people complaining, or nagging. That is unacceptable. Constantly nagging for an official release doesn't help anyone. What I've been asking for is to remove the watermark & do something different with the DWM windows on the beta releases. Features already available on the official releases. I'd donate more money if I could get that included in the beta releases, because I think it'd be worth it. If that's a lot of work to implement into the beta, then maybe I shouldn't ask. But I don't think it's an unreasonable request. It's very distracting & frustrating. Esp when the DWM windows keep popping up multiple times when I try to run several of my apps. Again, I'm not trying to nag. If that's a lot of work to implement into the beta version, then I'll stay quiet. But if it's a simple process to just carry into the beta version, then I don't see why that can't be done. I think it'd make people enjoy the project a lot more, and most likely get more people to donate. Again, I'll donate more money without batting an eye if that gets implemented
  2. If he doesn't like the nagging, but enjoys the income he gets from it, then it would be beneficial to listen to us. We're paying for the donation key which we rarely get to take advantage of anymore. That with the added annoyance of the dwm windows, the program can be quite annoying at time when they pop up multiple windows when you try to launch several apps. If people find the watermark & dwm windows annoying, then it's less likely they're going to want to donate. Esp since an official build seems to only be around for a short while & the beta versions are the primary ones we have to use. I'm just asking that the beta versions also allow us to remove the watermark & to use something other than the dwm windows. Maybe I'm asking for to much
  3. I have to say, I think that people who have paid for the donation key shouldn't have to see the watermark. I also wish the dwm windows would go away, in favor of some kind of text log report that you could provide if there are any bugs with the program
  4. At first I was like "that's messed up to tease about 1.5.9 being released!". But he's got a good point. It's been FOREVER and still we just have the BETA with all the irritating command window pop ups & the watermark. It's insane that we've waited this long
  5. Ok, so if you've installed the latest 1.5.8 version, then replaced the DWMGlass.dll with the beta version, & you don't see a Symbols sub-folder in your Aeroglass folder, then just create the folders yourself. Then follow the steps that sbkw1983 provided
  6. While moving to another desktop will remove the console window, it still keeps popping up ALL the time when launching a lot of apps. It pops up twice when launching Microsoft Edge. It pops up twice when opening Windows Settings. It pops up twice when launching A LOT of apps, which gets very annoying. I REALLY wish they would do something about this, while it sits in Beta for such a long time. Esp for the paid members
  7. So, uuummm, are they ever going to release an official build? It's been in beta forever, with no updates since May 13th
  8. I just updated to 1.5.4. But I'm not updated to the Creator's Update yet. So, when I updated to the latest version, the aero glass effects aren't working and it just has a blue tint. I was wondering if I either needed to update to the creators update for this to work properly. or if I needed to update to a newer version of the AeroGlass GUI?
  9. Thanks for the reply. I think I'll wait until 1.5.4 officially releases before updating to the Creators Update. Probably crazy for asking, but is there any ETA as to when it will be removed from beta, for official release?
  10. Ok, so will the current 1.5.3 version fully work with Creators Update? I'm using the paid version with the donation.key. I'm using the Sagorpirbd Windows 7 theme. I've been hesitant to upgrade to the creators update because I heard that aeroglass doesn't fully work on it yet. But if I apply the creators update, with the rounded corners atlas, will it work ok, with the full transparent, clear aero effects? Or will there be any problems I should be aware of?
  11. This is probably a big newbie question, but I was wondering how to adjust the opacity? On the original 1.4.5 version I was able to use the AeroGlassGUI to adjust the opacity & color balance with a simple slider. But with this latest version the GUI doesn't work. Is there a way I can adjust them through a command prompt or a tutorial that explains how to do it?
  12. I don't know if anyone can be of any help, but I can't get 1.4.6 to work. I'm using the anniversary edition of Windows 10, so it just might not be supported. I can get 1.4.5 to work reasonably well. But when I install 1.4.6, nothing happens. It doesn't seem to acknowledge that it was installed. Also, when I'm running 1.4.5 on the anniversary edition, my donation key majorly messes up Windows. Without the key, it can run the trial version just fine, but once I put my donation key in the directory, the screen keeps flashing & the system keeps logging off, then back in. I even tried purchasing the donation key again, but the problem still persists

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