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  1. @bigmuscle Thank you very much ! Only one question, Do you plan to return the "back button" to the metro application? Sometimes it not so comfortable to use, without this button.
  2. Hello everyone. Do you know something about the release of Aero Glass for an already almost old version of Windows 1903? 2 month left before announcing the next version of Windows, but we have no idea about the support of Windows 1903. Dear @bigmuscle - left any comments about the new version, please. After beta version of DWM [Experimental debug build] from 2019-04-27 went 3 months and @bigmuscledo not write any new information. We are waiting, let us know any useful information, please.
  3. Hello. I found the bug with icons of folders. I use a custom pack of icons for Windows -Bluer Folders 2017. After update from 2.8.6 to 2.8.7, I found the bug that icons of folders shows like standard. But If you will click to any folder, then an icon of folders changes to blue. See Sceen1. If you want to repeat the bug, than you need to get same pack of icons what I use: YandexDisk [Win 10 blue folders 2017 x64 [for RS4].exe] Screen2 from 2.8.6 and in 2.8.6 everything is fine
  4. Hot to solve this bul*****? I have all symbols in the folder but this s*** doesn't give a s*** for this. I tested it for 5 PC and everywhere the same problem. All instructions don't work. Could you help me, please? My a** is burning >_<
  5. @bigmuscle, if you don't have enough time for developing AeroGlass every new version, maybe will be better to open your code for everyone. In my opinion in internet lots of developers who could help you to do developing process much faster.
  6. This is so annoying to always wait. Usually, need to wait more than 4 months after release. In 4 months, after my today's post, the next assembly of Windows 10 should leave. And then, we again will wait 4 months, while a new AeroGlass will come out. And then the author will score a bolt for updates and send all of us to hell. The END.
  7. Oh...this is russians...How did you get the nerve to write to the official forum, if you use a cracked version? *Insult removed -Tommy*
  8. Hello. Thank you for updating! ^^ Working perfect. PS what about future update for Windows 10 Creators Update ? Are you ready ?
  9. An ingenious solution to the problem. Just brilliant.
  10. Hello everyone. After last update pack I have same windows with error DWM (0x5). Version Windows: 1607 (Build: 14393.953).
  11. Thank you very much. It works. It's great. It works without any additional windows. You are the best. ^^
  12. Hi everyone ! I have a special question for you. How can I enable aero blur effect for metro application ? I used this in 1.4.5 version. Please if you know how can I run aero blur in metro application, please write instruction or give me a links for instruction. Best Regards. sorry. It's offtop. I found this information.
  13. So, I have bad news. After update windows 10 on build 14393 our AeroGlass DOESN'T WORK! Sad story =( When we recive new update for AeroGlass ?
  14. Hello folks! How are you doing? So, I have some questions about new update for Windows 10. How you know today we will receive new update and your build will have version 10.0.14393. And now my questions: What about work aero glass on 10.0.14393 version ? Before update my windows 10, do I need uninstall my AeroGlass ? If I will have problem with AeroGlass on build 14393, when necessary to wait for the update AeroGlass?
  15. The only thing in life achieved without effort is failure, nevertheless NEVER GIVE UP!

  16. Can you help me? What is a Atlas ? How install ? Where Can I download this program ?

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