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What do you think of "Neon" so far?


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In my opinion it looks good, (not as well as AG) and is very well optimized, what do you think? Do you like this kind of "transparency" and "blur"?











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Microsoft seems as clueless as ever IMO. People didn't ask for this. People clearly ask for the return of Aero transparency and the option to choose the classic theme. Did they listen to this feedback? No, they just keep going, adding things nobody even asked for, and then put up on the changelogs "We couldn't have done this without the feedback you guys provide", when it's clear most of the data given goes immediately to the trash.

I mean, is support for new Emojis supposed to be a stand out feature to be advertised?!!? http://www.windowscentral.com/windows-10-anniversary-update-adds-over-52000-new-emoji

People want a simple OS that is stable, telemetry free, that bends to the users will, and supports all the newest APIs and functionality. What's that? Microsoft added a new type of Start Menu on Windows 10? WOW! New Paint3D app for Creators! OUTSTANDING! Exactly the type of new Kernel improvement and power user driven decisions I want to see for an OS that needs to be completely updated every 3 yea... scratch that, 12 month... even better, 8 months!

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4 hours ago, greenhillmaniac said:

OS that needs to be completely updated every 3 yea... scratch that, 12 month... even better, 8 months!

its 6 months (http://www.theverge.com/2017/4/20/15374864/microsoft-windows-10-update-september-2017)

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I think it's just kind of Windows Aero 2.0, with transparancy on places people didn't ask for. (People asked for 3D-flip, transparent/glass window borders). But hey, we have Aero Glass For Windows 8+ for that. Of course Microsoft did not add transparancy on the places we asked for, Microsoft 2016.0/2017.0 doesn't care about what people want. (People want a simple OS, which is stable and doesn't have telemetry, like greenhillmaniac said earlier).

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I think the old/standard Windows 10 UI is rather ugly, and this Neon junk doesn't make it much better.

I didn't like Aero very much when it debuted in Windows Vista, but over the years, I've grown to like it somewhat more (I still prefer the Classic Theme).

Incidentally, Windows 10 with AeroGlass is actually quite decent. It's notably more buggy than in Windows 8.x (at least in my experience), but it's manageable.


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