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  1. @win32 any new changelog for this new March 6th KernelEx revision?
  2. AFAIK Microsoft only started localizing Windows with 95. Windows 3.1 was only released in Brazilian. On WinWorld you'll find Word 6.0 and Excel 5.0 in Portuguese of Portugal so I guess that makes them the oldest MS software to be localized in our language (even though the installers are in Brazilian, so not all components were localized). As for the update link, there's not a single one and could come from various sources, like Microsoft Update, the Download Center and the dedicated pages for Windows 9x Corporate Downloads, that usually hosted all language variants of an update. The weirdest thing I found was that some updates weren't even available in PT-PT, such as the Windows 98 SP1. My advice to get started is to find a list of all updates released for your OS of choice, track the KB number and search on Archive.org with the following link: support.microsoft.com/kb/xxxxxx. Good luck!
  3. I decided not to update the repository much further, since in order to stay up to date you only need to install all the updates until EOL (2016), then all Post EOL updates on my repo until September 2016 and finally just grab the latest Servicing Stack Update and Monthly Rollup offered on Microsoft's page, It's always the same deal every month, just grab the latest SSU, MR and maybe check out the .NET blog for any Security Rollups. The repo was more essential back when it was individual security updates every month IMO. Flash was removed with KB4577586, so that's a non issue these days. The last .NET update that works with vanilla Windows 8.0 is .NET 4.6.2. Unfortunately, .NET 4.8 only installs if Server 2012 or Embedded 8 Standard parent packages are available. It is possible to edit some of the update's .mum files and slipstream them offline, but you need to do this for every possible .NET 4.8 update in the future, and I figured it would be too much of a hassle for the regular user.
  4. Either use Dism on an offline image (install.wim) or update a Syspreped installation and then capture it. Be warned that Servicing Stack updates need to be slightly modded when installing offline, as they have an "exclusive" flag set in the 'update.mum that makes it impossible to slipstream any updates after.
  5. I have a bug to report. When using Firefox and saving a file, the Explorer window that appears to specify the path and filename doesn't seem to get properly hooked by StartAllBack. It still uses the default Windows 11 right click context menu and "Modern" File Search on the address bar. This seems to happen to any Explorer window that's called in the context of a program that needs to open or save files.
  6. The update to remove Flash is KB4577586: http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/updt/2020/10/windows8-rt-kb4577586-x64_3dde08cdb47cb317ba47a9181fceee09951c614c.msu
  7. Why would Microsoft want to hire someone to keep on adding functionality to a 15 year old OS that they can no longer make money off of?
  8. Small update on the repository: Added proper IE9 EN-US installers files (gotten from the IE website from the Web Archive); Added the OEM only Media Center TV Pack and Wireless Feature Pack (the last one isn't needed if you use SP2); Added Net Framework 3.5 installers (can't believe I missed their absence);
  9. I just installed this on a Windows 11 VM and have some feedback (mixed with some requests): There's no option to show folders before shortcuts in the Start Menu - as someone who uses the Windows XP style context menu for all programs, this would be appreciated. I'm assuming the previous advanced options to disable pre-launching of "SearchUI" and "ShellExperienceHost" are being enabled by default? This new version lacks the toggle for them, but from a look at the Task Manager the options seem to be enabled. Would it be possible to remove the "Windows Terminal" option on the Win+X Context Menu and restore the classic Powershell/Command Prompt options? The Explorer tweaks are phenomenal, but will you integrate the rest of the functionality OldNewExplorer had? I always used a mix of Windows 10's Explorer with some elements of Windows 7's, and the current beta doesn't have fine tuned control over these aspects (I'll attach a picture of my current Explorer setup). Maybe this one is a bit of an overstretch, but since there's the ability to replace all of the context menus, would it be possible to have an option to use the classic style of context menus? Similar to the ones you'd get with the "ImmersiveContextMenu" registry tweak up until v1809 My last bit of feedback would probably be the name, considering the current scope of the project, something like "ExplorerIsBack" would be more fitting. Other than that, this will probably be THE piece of software that will make me use Windows 11 (otherwise I'd seriously consider the penguin varieties)
  10. Are those hex values constant across different driver versions, or did you test it with a specific version?
  11. Oh yeah, I found your collection on MyDigitalLife way back. I actually use it a lot (and also the Office one). For the most part, information on the updates should be on the Internet Archive, if you search with the URL: support.microsoft.com/kb/xxxx But yes, I should probably get around to doing that one of these days
  12. @win32 mind sending me that 460.89 mod you did to bypass the version checks? I can test it on Windows 8.1 today and see if it works
  13. The first driver version to support the RTX 3060 TI was the 457.51 (I keep an archive of all the drivers for this card). I tested this version as soon as I acquired the card on 8.0, and it Code 43'd on me right away.
  14. Yeah, I also got a RTX 3060 TI and have the same Code 43 on both Windows 8.0 and 8.1. Guess they really don't want new users on Windows 8.x
  15. There, the Mega link is updated. Enjoy Since this update repository is now a bit more generic and not necessarily NT 5.x oriented, I'm not sure if the topic should be moved. I'll leave it up to the moderators to decide it. Also, I don't know how to put a link in spoiler tags, but I think they would be appropriate for the repo link. If anyone wants to tell me how to do it, I'd appreciate it.
  16. To everyone: sorry for not updating this thread when I said I would. I'll be going through my external HDD and uploading all of the updates I have onto Mega. This includes the Windows ME updates provided by @RoboSkirt (seriously, much appreciated!) and some (not all) Windows 95 and 98 updates in Portuguese. I manage to scavenge a lot of them through archive.org and a heap of other collections. These include: Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 Windows Media Player 6.4 Windows Media Player 7.1 Windows Media Player 9 You get the picture. I've also got Windows POSReady 2009 updates, since that has also gone EOL in the meantime. Windows 2000 also includes a whole lot of Hotfixes not released on regular Windows Update.
  17. I can't download NewMoon 26.5 for vanilla W2000. Are the links broken?
  18. Forgot about this thread. I rearranged some items in my Mega account, and those links got expired. I'll update them as soon as I can.
  19. Is that the System Update Readiness Tool? I think you only need that if you have trouble installing updates. If your system was freshly installed, there's no need. I usually go: Platform Update + Suplement > Internet Explorer 9 > Net Framework 3.5, 4.6 and updates > Powershell 2.0 + BITS 4.0 > Media Player 11 > General > Security > Hotfixes The idea is to install as many updated components as possible before moving on to the General, Security, etc updates. That way, the updates will cover a wider range of software. I'd say so, yeah. The main one would be the TLS 1.1 and 1.2 updates, but you can also add the SHA2 updates (they do make Windows Update non functional, but @abbodi1406 managed to make it work regardless. go to MDL and you'll find it) In here you won't find any. It's usually best if you create your own.
  20. I have a R9 380, precisely the point where AMD drivers stopped working. Had to used a hacked together Embedded version of the drivers. Not ideal. Never heard of SDI. I'll have to check it out. EDIT: Yeah, your GPU still had officially compatible drivers with Vista, that's why SDI (Snappy Driver Installer?) found a matching pair.
  21. Any chance you'd also take a look at AMD drivers? They stopped working in mid-2015 when they changed driver branches (introduced with the RX 300 series: https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/amd-catalyst-15-15-download.html).
  22. So far I have it on Mega and my external HDD. Don't know if I can put in on Archive.org If you want to include subfolders just add the /s switch to forfiles.
  23. A small update on the repository. Thanks to the efforts of @Regele there are now EN-US version of IE9 and KB937286. I've also change the folders names in the Ultimate Extras to English.
  24. Will this custom kernel allow the installation of newer Windows 7 drivers on Vista?

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