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when talking about android, to me this is very grey area...

I always thought, as per wikipedia, and per rooting my device as it looks, that "Android OS"
is nothing more than Linux as core and I guess Java as shell ?

but if its Linux at core, then how can it be prone to malwares that brick the system ?
wouldn't it be just voulnerable to java part and just screw the UI and maybe gadget behaviour ?

then comes the "antivirus" part
on the online "markets", there are so many of them, even brand ones (avira, avast, sophos, norton, nod32....)
and all are free, but, do they even work ? , some of what I have read on net, they don't do much, except scanning
for "potential threats", but supposedly they don't detect trojans and such...


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Linux isn't some miracle cure for being safe from a virus. It has viruses because it is a widely used platform, it is just that simple. The reason why Mac was able to go so long under the notion it was virus free was because MacOS had such a small piece of the market share that virus writers didn't develop for the platform.

I don't have antivirus on a phone, so I can't say if they are "break-fix" products or not.

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Internets say AV on Android is not a real cure:


In theory, if Android provided enough low-level access to antivirus apps, an antivirus app could actually be useful. However, it doesn’t, so antivirus apps aren’t useful now. Adding enough permissions for antivirus apps to function would also open new paths for malware to take advantage of those same low-level permissions.

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23 hours ago, Dibya said:

I have installed AVG free on My mamas Note 3 neo still now it has not detected anything .

Good :).

Keep us posted please, a daily update would probably be overkill :dubbio:, but once a week would be OK. :whistle:


Fresh from the press, maybe of interest to you:



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mmm nice article, thanks for link

well i'm on android 4.3, butreading that article, i'm doing good haha
ad-away + afwall + greenify and removed few services from os base install makes things good
even on web they have my wrong location, as they can't pin point me :P

BUT let me ask another question, again security wise
having Flash installed on winblows is a medium security risk
but what about rooted Android phone ?
I have Flash 11.1 (it was last one to be made) installed, naturally blocked by firewall
but do android "files" can exploit it via flash like on win32 or not ?

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