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Latest Version of Software Running on XP


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@liquidLD... well, yeah, you can use MSE, but Avast offers a Firewall, a Sandbox, a boot-time scan which occurs while the OS is not booted (like the CHKDSK) to remove even the hardest threats, streaming definition updates, automatic software updates, and many other features... (I'm an Avast Beta Tester since 2013 and trust me, Avast is gonna release a new major release within few months which will merge the best features from both Avast and AVG in order to make a better product which is definitely worth using). ;)

Anyway, I don't wanna go off topic, so feel free to ask me anything about avast in PM. ;) 

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15 hours ago, sdfox7 said:

The latest Silverlight 5.1.50901 still working on XP. Released October 11, 2016. Required for Netflix and other sites if you're not using HTML5.

1 hour ago, Mathwiz said:

That version of Silverlight fails to install on mine:

It, however, installs flawlessly on my 5 machines. I suggest you uninstall, clean-up, then reboot and reinstall.

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Installed successfully on mine as well.

I had the same issue months ago with Silverlight when I tried to update and after googling and trying useless stuff related to the error code I got, I cleaned everything up and freshly installed it. No problem since then. Unfortunately, things like .NET and Silverlight are corruption prone during updates. 

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Well, I tried to deinstall the previous version, but naturally, that didn't work either. I got some error message about the installer patch package being invalid!

I've had that sort of thing happen before, so I resorted to the "Windows Install Clean Up" tool and did a rogue deinstall. Then installing the current version worked!

I hate "installer hell," but at least it seems to be correctly installed now.

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It's about two months late, but I have discovered that Google released a bug fix for Google Earth 7.1.x that I referenced earlier in this thread. I did not know that 7.1.x was still receiving updates.

Google Earth has been released, and it runs on both Windows XP and Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard (different binaries). Older systems should use the older 6.2.x branch (

The installer is available here: https://support.google.com/earth/answer/168344?hl=en (direct link here)
Release notes are available here: https://support.google.com/earth/answer/40901?hl=en&ref_topic=4363014

I received a message during install that KML and KMZ files needed to be associated to Earth, but that was all.



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