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RetroZilla: An updated version of Mozilla for Windows 95 and NT4 [2.2 RELEASED]

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I'm getting this protocol error again: Firefox can't connect securely to (...).storage.googleapis.com because the site uses a security protocol which isin't enabled. This is with Roytam's 5/4/2018 firefox with DLL's copied from Retrozilla 2.2 (2/23/2019). As mentioned just above, I had seemingly fixed this error by copying all files from root of Retrozilla folder to the Firefox folder, copying over all DLL's with the same name. This allowed the content from the above URL to be displayed.

Just this morning I'm seeing this same error again. I have no googleapis cookies, I've cleared the firefox cache, and my system time and date clock are correct. I can copy the link to the offending googleapis file (its a jpeg) to Opera 12.02 and it is rendered just fine. It is also rendered just fine on Netscape Navigator

With netscape 7.2, I first get a "website certified by unknown authority" which according to Details is Google Internet Authority G3. I can accept the certificate, which I do, and then I get this error: Netscape 7.2 and (...).storage.googleapis.com cannot communicate securely because they have no common encryption algorythms.

Retrozilla 2.2 can display the image with no protocol issues. I had both Retrozilla 2.2 and Roytam firefox (with retrozilla DLL's) side-by-side while viewing https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/viewMyClient.html and they seem identical. Opera 12.02 has a much shorter list of Cipher Suites, but all the ones it is is showing are also showing on Firefox. But Opera is supporting "OCSP stapling" and Firefox is not (neither is retrozilla).

Any ideas how to get to the bottom of this? Are security protocols and ciphers negotiated based on browser user-agent?


Edit:  And today, looking at the same website that has all these storage.googleapis jpg files on it's site, everything is working fine again.   What is going on with this?

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I am far from sure but even after running certain programing CometBird 9 can be short of available memory. I need to reboot to reinstate resources. I think CometBird 9 must just work.

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