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Display Your Desktop With Aero Glass 8+


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Here is mine, like it was in Vista and 7 :sneaky:


With a Windows 10 VM (same as my Windows 8.1)

I use Classic Shell to put column header in all view in explorer, OldNewExplorer to restore Windows 7 like This PC folder and modify other explorer's part like in control panel, UxStyle to install custom visual styles (it's the Latoyce visual style on my pc), the Windows 8 Consumer Preview ribbon to replace the flat from default 8.1, Rainmeter and Windows Desktop Gadgets on the desktop, RocketDock to have a quick access to my most used software and folders (the dock is hidden unless I put the mouse at the bottom of my left screen) and couple of registry tweaks.



Classic Shell also restore the start menu (I have removed the start button from my taskbar, I use the Win key on my keyboard ;) ).

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Fully up to date, stable build 10586 with current Aero Glass for Win 8+ beta version, ModernFrame, and UxThemeSignatureBypass, plus my theme atlas.  Classic Shell provides blur for the Taskbar and start menu.





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