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Display Your Desktop With Aero Glass 8+


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1 hour ago, bykaracivi45TR said:

Wow! I like it. Can you share the links this theme files?

It is a gsw953 based theme I modded for my personal use only ( homemade patched system icons etc ) and use an atlas I can't remember the name :/ 


Just be sure to use a shell folder compatible with RS 6 1903 though cos Greg told me he stopped making themes for windows .


Mr Grim from virtualcustoms put a compatible one to replace here:


I'm a visual style designer but reserved for my followers , released a public theme for free year ago with gsw953 who ported it for startisback users ( I use classic shell ) and maybe I update it to 1903 build when having time




The atlas used ( buttons & titlebar ) is from 



" subspace" 



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On 8/17/2017 at 8:20 AM, Aethelflaed said:

Windows 10 with StartisBack, Aero Glass, Win 7 icons, a few modded dll files, Winaero's Classic Sticky Notes and the Aero Compact skin for Winamp.


Why do you even use Windows 10? Very well done by the way.

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