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  1. You're right. They must have changed that a while back. Used to only apply to Windows 10 Pro.
  2. Only applies Windows 10 Pro though
  3. Excellent, thanks for testing dafob. I also have that red screen on my Surface Book so I'll be happy to get rid of that now.
  4. Thanks bigmuscle. Can someone test? I'm not near my PC until tomorrow after midday Australian time.
  5. Experimental Modernframe replacement seems to work good on my system BM. Does the different means of injection negate the need to turn off "secureboot" or does that still remain?
  6. BM I just did a test and moved my donation.key out of c:\Aeroglass and rebooted. On reboot I got no warning of no licence key or pop up dialog box displaying machine ID. edit: scrap that, the dialog box was behind another window displaying the machine ID. In the meantime calfmuscle you can copy the machine ID from c:\Aeroglass\debug.log (open it with notepad) to generate the correct key file.
  7. I see, I've never installed it on a VM so I didn't know it did that.
  8. Just a heads up if you hover your mouse over the glass8.eu 1.5 download links they say .7z but when clicked on they want to save as .man. I just renamed to 7z once I downloaded it.
  9. Have you tried modernframe by itself i.e. no signature bypass dl as welll? Modernframe enables the glass effect on modern apps, it's not really a theme thing.
  10. Daveo did you rename your "ModernFrame-x64-Debug.dll" to "ModernFrame.dll" by any chance? Maybe the filename is the issue. I renamed mine to just "Modernframe.dll" so I had to change UCyborgs entry for that one. Just a thought.
  11. I must have missed that over the years, oh well at least I know now. I don't normally use themes either until I tried the one linked to the post on the previous page. Looks pretty good. Note though the black line bug I'm talking about occurs even when theme isn't loaded.
  12. Bingo! Thanks for posting this UCyborg, I was having this issue but on Windows startup I would just get a black screen with the occasional flashing. Could not get it to work and was forced use uxstyle instead after doing a system restore. After I saw this post I uninstalled uxstyle, used the reg file that you posted rebooted and all was good. Thanks again. One thing I am noticing though and have done off and on with #669 and only with IE is this as reported in the 1.4.6 thread is the black rectangle vertical and horizontal line like in the screenshot in this post. Anyone else getting this with #669?
  13. I had typed all of the above also yesterday, clicked submit but suddenly the thread had disappeared, now it's back?? Anyhow I also commented on your instructions Genecooper, nice work. I'm sure this thread will be quite helpful to a lot of folk.
  14. You need to login to download it. http://glass8.eu/sign/
  15. I did hit cancel but not much of a glass effect on anything and when I move a window around visual artefacts appear on the window behind. If I restart, sometimes half of the screen is missing so I'll wait until we hear from Bigmuscle.
  16. Well the suggestion to rename symsrv.dll and the symbols folder didn't work for me. I did that, installed the update then I got DWM incompatibility error 0x5E7 and have to hit cancel to go to my desktop. No glass effect either. Restarted and got the usual message and half screen missing so I reverted back again.
  17. I installed the Anniversary build, Aeroglass didn't work so I reverted to previous build and deferred upgrades until BM has a solution. I don't like the look of the flat plain titlebars, etc, just looks wrong.
  18. Fair enough. I did wonder whether or not the Insider Program would disable the option to change how updates were managed.
  19. But wouldn't you be better off being notified rather than the update install happening without you knowing it? It's not a matter of "blocking" it's about being told when updates are available.
  20. I wondered the same thing. I always configure auto updates to notify me when available but don't download/install via the Group policy workaround on new Win 10 Pro machines.
  21. It's the "CaptionHeight" and "CaptionWidth" that affect the size of the icons in the taskbar next to the clock as you suspected Noel.
  22. I left the BorderWidth at -15 and PaddedBorderwidth at 0 and it looks good. Luckily I backed up the windowmetrics reg key so I can revert at any time.
  23. Thanks Noel, I'll do some testing with one at a time and see how I go.

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