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Display Your Desktop With Aero Glass 8+


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• Post Your Windows 8+ Aero Glass Desktops and show your creativity •


To kick things off here is a 8.1 ultra book desktop using:

• Aero Glass for Win8.1+ v1.3.1

• NatureScapes HD Custom Theme

• AccuWeather.com desktop widget

• Classic Shell v4.1.0

The more I use Aero Glass the more I love it!


Credit on widescreen Kaneohe Oahu_HD_2560x1440 paper: http://www.hdwallpapers.in/nature__landscape-desktop-wallpapers.html

~DP :yes:


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Here's mine. 


A Windows 8.1 XSniper Gaming PC.


Using the following apps :

  • Big Muscle's Aero Glass and Aero Glass GUI.
  • Tihiy's Startisback+ and OldNewExplorer
  • xXiNightXx's Themer's Best Friend app showing off all (or most) parts of my Windows theme, "Aero Retro".

Aero Retro celebrates a decade of the Aero Glass UI that Microsoft has brought to us since the Longhorn days. This theme combines some features from Windows Longhorn (Post-XP / Pre-Vista Beta) to Windows 8/8.1


(Click on Image to see in full view)




The Wallpaper is made up of several of Microsoft's default Wallpapers. Combines Windows 8 Milestone 3, a bit of Windows 7 Beta, a little of Vista, there's also a Windows 8.1 BG mixed in, and to top it all off, Windows Millenium Edition's default Wallpaper http://i.imgur.com/3KcvGsX.jpg I called the wallpaper "Windows Neo". In my opinion the wallpaper goes great with the theme.
The theme comes in 2 versions, Round and Square.
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Fun idea, DosProbie. 


Mine's optimized for productivity.  I was not sure what to show, so I decided to show everything and start as many different applications at once as I could, including some big ones.  There is apparently no practical limit I can hope to reach, so I got tired after a while and just did the screenshot.  In software developer's terms:  It's as far from Metro as Win 8.1 can get.  Aero Glass just works.





The above is with Win 8.1.  Here's what I've managed so far with Win 10 build 9879...



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Great Screenshots Guys When Using Aero Glass!, @DoubleS was not aware of the 'Themer's app', thanks and @Noel I just wanted to start a more 'postive' thread when using Aero Glass and exploring all it's great possibilities in our everyday use. Keep 'em coming everyone..


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Nice desktop Slimrock, is that your personal theme?



Thank you. Yes, this theme is kinda personal & is customized with Icons/Wallpaper/Mouse Pointers/Skin well according to my needs for a better aesthetic feel. :P


Here's mine.  :w00t:  


What widgets are you using?


 Widgets are a part of Rainmeter skin. :)

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Similar to what I'd in Windows 7 :)


Now is a sort of xp-seven-ten remix..


I keep metro minimized as now I use the toolbar. (But I use "file", so I keep there)

Don't look icons in explorer titlebar, they'll be removed XD



Windows is "Wow!" again XD


(If someone stil has "glitches" - due uxtheme/atlas in explorer - inject ONLY uxtheme32. Or inject both, but rename uxtheme64.dl_ so It won't loaded and everything will work correctly on 10 x64)






Stranginess of Windows XD ... Text color is respected on "legacy" explorer windows with command bar (reason why "oldnewexplorer" resolve some theme issues).

Wondering if it is workaround-able.. (probably I'll have to wait a consolidated uxtheme64 with right theme)


* More EDIT *


Uxtheme64 seems to work nicely since 1.4 (thanks BM!), so you should inject it =)


With OldNewExplorer I renabled glass on nav bar/fixed text and with the shellstyle.dll hack I disabled system wide the folder band/command bar I never used neither on 7).

This hack, that worked only on default aero theme (but should work on 10 themes with shellstyle.dll 10 version), make explorer slightly slower (probably as it loads every time from the theme) and bring back the menu bar (I cannot disable it, but I never disliked it)

I found CaptionHeight=18 in theme atylas layout is perfect :) No too small, no too big :)




In firefox, NEVER disable Titlebar and/or use "Tab Kit 2" extension (this extension corrupted my FF 40 profile) with "GlassMyFox" aero extension or you'll get broken GUI, expecially if you use vertical tabs (not fully supported) :)


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