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Looking to upgrade my software firewall. Recommendations?


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I've been using Kerio Personal Firewall v2.1.5 (not the later Kerio's) all the way back to when it was called Tiny Firewall. I absolutely love it.

I've tried many over the years and have come away disappointed after being spoiled by such a wonderful product.

I'm looking for something similar to Kerio but perhaps a bit more hardened. Kerio has been EOL for ages.

It must be as configurable as KPF. That it to say; it must alert me to each and every connection attempt, to define what program making the connection, what IP(s), port number, what type...UDP, TCP or ICMP and type of ICMP, incoming, outgoing or both directions, etc. Most of

these must be definable in the firewall alert. It always can't be bloated. KPF is 3 files, totally 980 KB (not counting the help file).

I might have asked this before and not looking for miracles just anything close and nothing bloated but I don't expect miracles like 980 KB. :w00t: .

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I am using an older version of Zone Alarm Pro ... v4.5.594.000 with my XP setup, works great and it's just a firewall. The free version is also OK.

ZoneAlarm® Free Firewall Release History


This version seems to be popular with other XP users ... doing a Google search.


Older ZoneAlarm Pro Versions...

Jun 10, 2008

I cant remember if the Older versions of ZoneAlarm pro, such as the 4.5 Series were XP compatible, or if they just worked on Windows 95/98 o_O

I'd like to use this version,as it has no added crap such as AS/AV included,its just the standalone Firewall. It installs OK on my XP system, but when I reboot I get BSOD every time o_O So whats up ?

Jun 11, 2008

I've used 4.5.594 on XP many times without any BSOD.


Additional: ZoneAlarm v4.5.594.000 was the last "pure firewall" only version and then ZoneAlarm v5.0.590.015 started with antivirus monitoring.

ZoneAlarm version 5.0.590.015

* Antivirus Monitoring - Helps manage other security solutions by alerting you when your antivirus protection

(even from another vendor) has been disabled or is out of date

* Alert Viewer - New Alert viewer functionality organizes log details by feature category

* Various other enhancements for increased reliability of operation

As I said earlier, it works fine with my XP setup but I am always interested in something possibility better ... so I will also check out what others post.


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Possibly the one that fits the bill may be Privacyfirewall:


It has a good rating here:


And it seems not that much bloated/resource intensive, but surely it is larger than that Kerio one, at least it is IMHO worth a try.


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Thanks jaclaz. I had tried that one before and another very similar one before in a VM. I kept them both going for further tests since they seemed to have good potential for my needs. Somehow, I lost track of them and the VM is no more.

I installed it regularly now since my system is whacked and I need to wipe and reload. Seemed promising but WTH is the following? The site has already been loaded!


I don't know. Maybe I'm stupid and haven't fully figured out how to configure it but I set it to block everything and ask me what and where it wants to connect.

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petrus, Thanks. That might have been the other on I was testing in the VM I mentioned in the post below you.

We were posting at the same time. :)

I'm starting to think I did ask this before and we already covered this ground. :blushing:

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Tall Emu Online Armor has been bought by Emisoft. There is still a "free" version.

"By default Emsisoft Online Armor installs as a free fully functional 30 day trial version. After the trial period you can either choose to buy a full version license or switch to the limited freeware mode. Of course you can decide to upgrade again at any time by simply renewing your license."

I haven't yet tried it, I still have an old version from Tall Emu running (also with limited functionalities).

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