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Aero Glass ThemeAtlas

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Does anyone know if it's possible to specify min/max/close button glow effect (on mouse hover)?  If so, could someone point me to an example png file?  Thanks in advance for your help!  I tried searching; but, only found caption title glow effect modifications.  Thanks in advance.




EDIT:  I'm not certain about thi; but, I think that effect may be a Windowblinds proprietary visual effect.  Anyway, I've been looking for a similar ThemeAtlas file (dark glass)...

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Thanks for explaining aphelion!  I hope it's okay to post this request here, if not my apologies in advance...


If anyone here wants to make some cash this Christmas, I'm looking for a Pro Skinner to help me put together a custom themeatlas for Win8.1; that would be a reasonable replacement to what I'm using now (Windowblind theme under Win7, see below).  It doesnt have to be a perfect replacement, as long as it's minimalistic, dark glass with rounded corners and min/max/close buttons similar to the ones I posted (of course, with the exception of glow effect).


Bonus:  If also help with recreating start menu colors/transparency.




That would only be theoretically possible with a custom unsigned theme, since it can have a different stream used for the atlas. The default windows one doesn't have enough room to put a glow

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The below Theme Atlas would be perfect if it used dark glass instead of clear glass.  Could someone please be kind enough to tell me which specific area(s) I could modify in the PNG's (in order to replace the clear glass with a dark glass); and, keep everything else the same.


Here is my contribution:


Crystaleight v1.0 Skin by Oomek

- all the best from both Windows 8 CP and Windows 7

- buttons redone from scratch

- fixed frame thickness issue in some windows


Crystaleight v1.1

-fixed gap between the buttons and the window edge


Crystaleight v1.2

- title glow round added

- title glow square added


Tested in AeroGlass 1.0 RC3 for Win 8.1


attachicon.gifCrystaleight11preview.png   round attachicon.gifCrystaleight12glowround.png    square attachicon.gifCrystaleight12glowsquare.png

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Here's my themeatlas modded from Snowy8Glass. It's resource name STREAM name 986 language 0 if you're using Resource Hacker to change the msstyle. Or you can apply using the ThemeAtlas reg entry from AeroGlass. The entire file is different so there is no overlap with the original Snowy8 other than inspiration so I think it's ok to post here.


Note I just tweaked the maximize buttons and they're alternatively either pushing up on mouseover against the close button, or going 1 pixel too far down. I'll track it down eventually but welcome contributions.



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You might use Photoshop, some trial and error, and a lot of patience (it's what I do).  It helps to have a virtual machine to test changes in, so you can mess up the whole UI and still be able to use your system and recover.



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Does anyone have a Win10 atlas that shows guides for all the zone edges? Since you're all making themes already, I imagine you've already figured out where all the boundaries for each Atlas object is. I can't figure it out for the life of me and keep getting lots of glitches. =/



Edit: Did the atlas change in 9926? Any atlas that I download for Win10 breaks everything immediately =/


Also, this link is broken:
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