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  1. I think it's possible that the white border around the buttons take away from the gel-like effect. Maybe, a less subtle border may match better.
  2. I think the shape of the buttons look the best so far. I wonder how difficult it would be to make a semi-dark glassy version like below. I'm guessing there's still no way to add real button glow. Nice, like how you have the buttons framed out now. ~DP
  3. It's a heavily modified version of an old Windowblinds skin". The skin was originally created by "007tinar" on Deviantart's website. I modified it to match my MKANET color scheme (black transparent glass / neon blue LED). I was never able to get a hold of "007tinar" to ask for permission to share my customized version. http://007tinar.deviantart.com/art/INVI-4V-69227793 (original WindowVista Windowblinds skin). I dont think there's any way to port Windowblinds skin resources to a themeatlas file. If anyone want access to the images/resources for the custom theme I use, let me know. My custom skin heavily relies on Aero Blur effect (so transparency could actually be practical/useable when multi-tasking multiple windows). Since Windowblinds decided to only support basic transparency (WITHOUT Aero Blur) under Windows 8.x, it made Titlebar and Start Menu transparency unusable/impractical/hard-to-read. I may just have to accept defeat; and, just not use transparency. It seems like the default Windows desktop UI is getting uglier and uglier with every generation.
  4. The below Theme Atlas would be perfect if it used dark glass instead of clear glass. Could someone please be kind enough to tell me which specific area(s) I could modify in the PNG's (in order to replace the clear glass with a dark glass); and, keep everything else the same.
  5. Thanks for explaining aphelion! I hope it's okay to post this request here, if not my apologies in advance... If anyone here wants to make some cash this Christmas, I'm looking for a Pro Skinner to help me put together a custom themeatlas for Win8.1; that would be a reasonable replacement to what I'm using now (Windowblind theme under Win7, see below). It doesnt have to be a perfect replacement, as long as it's minimalistic, dark glass with rounded corners and min/max/close buttons similar to the ones I posted (of course, with the exception of glow effect). Bonus: If also help with recreating start menu colors/transparency.
  6. Does anyone know if it's possible to specify min/max/close button glow effect (on mouse hover)? If so, could someone point me to an example png file? Thanks in advance for your help! I tried searching; but, only found caption title glow effect modifications. Thanks in advance. E EDIT: I'm not certain about thi; but, I think that effect may be a Windowblinds proprietary visual effect. Anyway, I've been looking for a similar ThemeAtlas file (dark glass)...
  7. Hi BigMuscle! Thank you so much for all your hard work. Has anyone tried to use "Aero Glass for Win8 1.1" along with WindowBlinds 8? I currently have beautiful WindowBlinds skins which depend on Aero Glass with Blur effect. I would love to use my skins on Windows 8. Unfortunately, Stardock WindowBlinds currently only restores basic transparency; not Blur. Thanks again!
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