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  1. I just reinstalled my copy of Win10, same build and everything. Upon reinstalling Glass8, I no longer get borders on my window. Before: After: Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. First thing's first: Win10 TP Build 10041 is out. Atlas: I'm super new to this, but I'm utterly desperate to get my old Win8.1 theme working in Win10. I've been chipping away and attempting texture swaps in the Atlas and every time I just get really poor results. I'm not sure what to do at all. These are what I'm aiming for, eventually. I don't remember which theme this was... I think it might have been Win8CP or RP? One of those two. Whatever it was, it had thick borders, really soft shading, and lovely gradients on the titlebar buttons. I don't know if this theme's already been adapted, which would be ideal, or if someone at least has a guide for editing the Atlas that could point me in the right direction, but quite honestly anything will help at this point. I have no idea how to thicken the borders, or which objects are which in the Atlas, or what anything is, or where the edges are... But I guess the most important question I wanna ask is: is it even possible to get Win10 looking exactly like this again? =/
  3. Does anyone have a Win10 atlas that shows guides for all the zone edges? Since you're all making themes already, I imagine you've already figured out where all the boundaries for each Atlas object is. I can't figure it out for the life of me and keep getting lots of glitches. =/ Edit: Did the atlas change in 9926? Any atlas that I download for Win10 breaks everything immediately =/ Also, this link is broken:
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