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  1. This info is not on the site because it is an donation to support the Developer ! Not to buy the program actualy but choose an fair amount and you will be happy !
  2. Aah oke np I will uninstall Aero glass for now then and use it on my other computer
  3. Bought Yesterday Windowblinds from Stardock It looks nice I must say Question : It takes over the whole windows look so my Aero glass is sitting in the water and I do not see it effects anymore ! Can I let it be installed Aero glass then ? I don't have rear confict's or glitches untill now Edit this is how it looks right now I can't seem to change the start menu tho Ps Fixed the start menu remembered that I have also bought Start10 from Stardock
  4. Yes sure ! Ps if you are realy poor try 3 euro as starter
  5. As long as I play the game ! 4 months I believe have aero glass longer then that
  6. I use aero glass on my gaming computer also play CS GO no problem here no worry !
  7. Maybe uninstall hyper V and use VM Ware instead if hyper V is the cause of it
  8. This actualy goes about a few bucks ? normaly you have to pay like 10 bucks for software or 20 even BM let u use it by donate let's say 5 bucks for a few keys you both are talking crazy in my opinion we are not living in a cheap world these days ! And BM is developping his a** of these days to get aero glass working on windows 10 an OS that could break his software any moment by update so in my opinion stop complaining and respect has to be earnd and you guys are not a good example ! Greetz and never the less have an good day
  9. i don't have anyproblem with his rules. but he has to MENTİON THEM. this is crime if he says it afterwards. i have to know how many key that system will give me with how much money. lets be honest we don't donate. we are only annoyed that water mark so we want to get rid of it so we buy it. If U don't like the way BM has set up the system don't use it would be my guess !
  10. Login = email + zip code on the following page http://www.glass8.eu/login.html
  11. The shortbus is parked outside your house, waiting for you. Not realy my kind of attitude go back on topic if you don't mind
  12. You could reinstall aero glass and you should have an popup with your machine code or indeed do as Klamatiel suggested go to your aero glass folder in the root of drive C:\

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