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Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]


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Hello, Can you help me please, I have 2 error when I try to shrink it:

I resume : Error 1308, can't found XLSLICER.DLL and XL5EN32.OLB

But I've this files !

I don't understand

It's on a french version with word,exel and powerpoint


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Should this work with Frontpage 2003, or are there any similar tools for frontpage? Having trouble, I tried running this script on it, but it quit after a few moments, and the installer reported an error (corrupted files, I think, it ran fine without the script), and my O2k3 SP1 is @135mb, frontpage2k3 SP1 alone is 354mb :wacko:

note: I do not use frontpage myself, I realize how absolutely terrible it is. this cd is for a lab in a building where a frontpage-based web design class is taught.

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my Frontpage is only 134 MB bec. i hv all the options installed.

Which is what u need if u are going to use Frontpage 2003 for Corp or Enterprise use.

yeah, but that's after 7zip, I'm talking about source. Anyways, I did some crazy crap and copied the frontpage 2003 folder into the office 2003 folder, here's the result (for anyone interested):

Office: 135mb (after shrink script)

FrontPage: 354mb

Office+FrontPage: 425mb

then all you need to do is create a simple batch file with the commands, rar sfx it, and set that to extract to a temp folder and execute the batch.

final size (winrar sfx): 192mb (which fits on my cd with 16mb to spare!)

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Hi, this office shrink is great, but i have a problem, not with shrink process though, that works fine.

i`m trying to get my shrunk office installed from start.cmd using a rar sfx which is set to run setup.exe after extraction.

Problem is start.cmd does`nt wait for office to install, it caries on installing my other apps after office has extracted. so i end up with office installing at the same time as my other apps which causes some of them not to install properly or at all.

I hope you can understand all that :blink: what i need is a way to halt my .cmd file while office installs. a work around is to put "pause" in the .cmd but then its not an unattended install.

this has get me well and truly stuck any sudgestions are welcome.

attatched my start.cmd if it will help



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Can someone explain Batch files and coding and why French doesn't work!!
i think there is a fix. ask Roswell to teach u. he is also a Frenchie
Is there a way to slipstream office 2003 pro version without the volume license??

yes, just dont enter a serial when u create the MST file.


pls check my new norton internet sercurity guide

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Ok maybe my origional question is in the wrong thread. i put it where i thought best. all i want to know is how to get my batch to wait untill office has fully installed before it caries on installing my other apps.

do you know the answer? if not where is a better place to post it?


friend pls check the title of the thread u are in

Office Shrink reduce of 02k3 /xp/2k

i know office shrink works with office xp! my question is does your 7zip guide for office 2003 work for office xp aswell?

who is short sighted? :P:lol:

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