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Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]


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What teh hell? No you aren't. :)

Anyway, I found mine to be lucky. One time it works, another time it doesn't. But the best you can do is just run it again and see if it works, otherwise copy over the file manually. ;)

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from your original slipstreamed copy of office copy any files to the place where it is missing. For example is missing blah form office2/pfiles copy blah to office2/pfiles.

ok. in the unattended.mst wizrd, am i supposed to make it so it doesnt install access publisher and infopath? cause i had it not install those... maybe thats where the error is from?

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Hello, Can you help me please, I have 2 error when I try to shrink it:

I resume : Error 1308, can't found XLSLICER.DLL and XL5EN32.OLB

But I've this files !

I don't understand

It's on a french version with word,exel and powerpoint


i have this error too! but it shows more than just these two files. i have the ENGLISH VERSION.... help

sorry for all the repetative posts but ive been trying this for DAYS now and still cant get it to work right...

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SHRINK.INI converted for the Portuguese of Brazil:

[Language]lang=Português (Brasil)



title=Microsoft Office


I wait that it is of some utility. With me, everything functioned perfectly.

beppemito, is enough to convert SHRINK.INI for its version:




retry=&Altra prova ???

title=Microsoft Office


Bye. :hello:

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i'm terribly sorry i realize this questin has prolly been asked at least a few times but i was unable to find it using search and scanning 32 pages for this is a bit much. I was wondering if there was any way around requireing a clean install? one of the reasons i use an unattened cd is so that my computer can be back to working fully as quickly as possible with minimal effort. And doing a clean install just for the shrinker would require time which i'd rather not use on such a job.


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