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  1. Yeah thanks a lot guy ! Directly work after i've set to 1, without restart...so good ^^
  2. Hello, I search reg key to enable tooltips (bubble in systray ...) I have disable them long time ago I don't know how.... Thanks
  3. How to apply theme directly next the install please? What I must put in a batch file or... Could you help me please...
  4. Hop hop hop! Don't hack ! go here :@ >> www.trucsenvrac.com, there is universal custom pack and switch etc...
  5. Could you re-help me please? I always search how to do...or a similary program
  6. Thanks man I will look after in the night I'm with friend for the moment
  7. (Sorry my brower bugged I remake a short post I'm furious): I've see 2 problem I think: 1 - *.pdf seems to be not register 2 - when i clic acrobat reader in start menu it's the icon which is launch :/ (SC_Reader_PM.ico)
  8. Please help me, nothing is launch after uncompress What is the temp directory where are uncompress files?
  9. Hello, I've problem, With international release,I've made my custom setup but when i launch it, the file is uncompress and next nothing... I think it is a problem with the syntax: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! RunProgram="StartX /B /wait Nero_Installer.cmd" ;!@InstallEnd@! when i launch manully nero_installer.cmd it is good or by command line i launch StartX /B /wait Nero_Installer.cmd it is good... I think 7zip don't understand the command StartX /B /wait Nero_Installer.cmd, maybe we must do that with other solution?... Sorry for my english I hope you understand me. ps: windows sp2 french, the last 7zip and english nero and french translation.
  10. Hello, Can you help me please, I have 2 error when I try to shrink it: I resume : Error 1308, can't found XLSLICER.DLL and XL5EN32.OLB But I've this files ! I don't understand It's on a french version with word,exel and powerpoint Thx
  11. Hello, I've big problem. I search all the default registry value for sp2 because I can't launch some services because problem of dependency... I must for this weed-end have an network OK, share printer etc I've lost my basic windows xp to save me. If someone who have a good config of registry can help me !! Best Regards ps: Sorry for my english
  12. Very good program ! Is it possible to include in next release NVRaid ? Can I delete when I have repack razor.exe, razor update, and folders temp and settings?
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