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Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]


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LostOne, I did the same except I used winrar sfx works fine.

;The comment below contains SFX script commands

Setup=setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-
Title=Office 2003 Pro
MS Office 2003 Pro

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is there a way to include additional proofing tools from the proofing tools cd into my shrinked office installation?
Of course there is....

Just don't remove proofing tools while shrinking.

Then make an MST for the additional CD, and add the extra proofing tools into where you want - and run the MSI with the MST for settings.

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office shrink should def not be mach specific. I'm using and have installed on multiple systems without a hitch... One thing you could try is to take the "-" out of the switch

.... transforms="silent.mst" /qb-

That switch hides errors. If you remove it, any errors in the installation should pop up.

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I made my Office XP using the method in the unattended guide and then using the shrinking method. Near the end of the shrinking processes it ask me to insert My XP SP2 CD because it says that the CD in the drive is not correct. Now i skipped this by doing cancel and the shrinking process seemed to have worked anyways. Now i used winrar to get my file down to 55.6MB and when i run it, 3/4 in it asked me for the CD again saying that the one present isnt correct. I'm using my slipstreammed SP2 CD created with nlite. Im doing all this on a virtual machine created with VMware and im using my SP2 CD in iso form (mounted im iso form to act as my CD-rom in my virtual machine).

Is there a way for it not to asked for my XP SP2 cd?

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Not a CD2....it asked me to insert my XPSP2 CD...im installing with Office with Frontpage but only installing Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and removed some office tools and Shared features. The installation is being done on my Virtual machine that has never had office installed on it. Could it be because of my Windows itself? or because of the stuff i removed from my Windows CD with nlite?

My Office XP has SP3 sliptreammed and all updates after SP3's release.

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