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  1. amp_man

    site down?

    hi, can anyone else confirm that vlite.net and nliteos.com are both down? I'm getting a 403 (access denied) error trying to access them.
  2. OpenOffice.Org, a free, open-source office suite similar to MS Office. Very popular in the linux world, especially among people who miss MS Office. As for your question, normally a good google for the right terms tells you exactly what you want to know (the first hit should answer both questions)
  3. In another (more recent) MS doc (which I can't locate atm) they stated that that switch would no longer be valid sometime before the final release, and if I recall correctly, it stated something along the lines of "perhaps even as early as beta 1." Afaik, this was put into effect with the first RC2 release (5600?), and definately doesn't work on my system (5744), I've tried half a dozen different possibilities, and always have to reboot with F8. edit: is it just me, or has this thread gone WAAAAY off-topic? another edit: fireinthedawn, afaik, in all previous windows version, all the graphics on-screen have been handled by the CPU, so that when viewing the desktop, the graphics card did virtually nothing of the actual rendering work. By using the video card to do desktop rendering and in 3d-mode, Vista not only takes a load off the CPU, but provide more eye-candy and a generally better looking desktop. Don't like it? It can be disabled (google for it, can't remember exactly how atm), or else use some other OS. and monohouse, if only certain, well educted geeks are the ones who should be using computers (as you've stated on the previous page), and you are indeed one of these geeks, why the hell do you need nuhi to create a supreme ultra-slim nlite for vista for you, ie why can't you do this stuff on your own? And furthermore, why are you using forums to promote your way of thinking? Web forums were created as an easy method for inexperienced computer users to communicate their issues, but mailinglists and usenet are where the true geek subculture live, so go join some and leave nuhi to his great work ;-) one final edit: don't worry about me thinking that you're smart...between your posts and your website, you've got me convinced otherwise. FYI, the QWERTY keyboard originated on the typewriter, which was invented many many years before the home PC. And I've been using computers since I was ~8 (Apple II/e's in school, 8086 at home) and I still look at the keys a good portion of the time, and almost never think about the caps lock key (which was also present on most typewriters). Does that mean that I can't use linux? I hope not, I am right now...
  4. I'm currently running Vista x64 RC2 build 5744, and I've gotta say, nuhi's got a lot of work ahead of himself The ONE "feature" of Vista x64 that is already p***ing me off, and really NEEDS to be removed it the "Driver Signature Enforcement." Was it not enough that every time you installed an unsigned driver you were cautioned about the sanity of such a thing? Does microsoft not realize that some programs like DaemonTools, Systool, and Speedfan are written by devs who don't have the time or the money to get their drivers WHQL'd? And there's no easy workaround, the "fix" is to hit F8 and disable it every frickin time you boot. /rant There's also a few dozen other things I could seriously do without (wireless/tablet integration, ease of access, etc), but all in all, it runs fairly decent on my A64 3500+...currently using 595MB of my 1gb of ram to run everything, but hey, the more that stays in ram, the less that goes to the page file, and the better the system runs. BTW, I'm a linux junkie also, I only really use windows to play with the latest Vista Betas (which it looks like there won't be many more) or play games. Saying "Linux sucks" is like saying "cars suck". There's only one version of windows, but many distributions of linux, and you can't judge every linux distro based on your short-lived and short-tempered experience with one distro, which may or may not have been a crappy distro. In fact, there are many crappy distros out there, but only a few really good ones, and every distro is aimed at a different environment, be it desktop, laptop, embedded device, old hardware or new, or even high use servers and clusters. If you actually take the time to read the documentation (which isn't hard to get, just type "man <programname>") and learn how to use it, it works very well, and doesn't have the same crash-happy resource-gobbling attitude of windows. For anyone looking to try an all-around well-designed distro, give ubuntu a shot. There's a LiveCD, so you can try it before you install it, and much of Ubuntu is graphical, so it's rare to need to open the terminal. There's also forums and a wiki to help you if you need it.
  5. Alright, that's what I thought, just needed to make sure. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Oh shoot, that reminds me of the question I forgot to ask: SATA 3GB is backwards compatible to 1.5GB, right? I currently only have 1.5GB, since I foolishly didn't wait for the nforce 4 to come out (which also means I have an AGP video card and MSI has already discontinued support for my mobo).
  7. But there shouldn't be any issue with running it as one? That's what I gather from your post. I already have a 36.7gb Raptor for my windows drive, the 320gb drive would be for file storage (music, movies, nlite'd windows isos, etc), so reliability is more important than speed. And btw, the RE also has the 16mb cache, so I guess I've got no more reason not to order it. Thanks!
  8. Okay, I'm looking at a new 320gb SATA drive for my desktop, and then moving my old 250gb IDE drive into a fileserver/router running gentoo linux. I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out exactly what to get though, I've narrowed it down to two options: WD Caviar SE16 WD3200KS WD Caviar RE WD3200YS The only real difference I can see is that the RE has a faster average write time, 8.9ms vs. 10.9ms, but the sole review states that this drive shouldn't be used in a single-drive setup (which is what I intend to have). I'm trying to figure out what the downfall of using the RE in my desktop would be, because afaik, it's just a slightly faster drive (and I think with a longer warranty), well worth an extra $5 in the long run.
  9. Alright, thanks for the replies everyone. I actually just clicked the "don't show this update anymore", finished modifying my partition tables, and haven't loaded windows since
  10. Do you have an option for "USB Legacy mode" or "USB Keyboad/Mouse" in the BIOS? This will (afaik) force a USB keyboard/mouse to be treated like a PS2 one, allowing it to be used at boot. I had this same issue with my home-built rig, that solved it for me.
  11. Sorry, I did, the last time I installed it. That's what I meant by "downloaded it straight from MS"
  12. Hmm...if your modem has user-configurable settings, and so long as you aren't modifying speed settings (or anything like that) in the modem, your ISP would probably never even know, and likely not even care. Also, if you're using multiple computers, you could modify the settings within the router to block ports used by P2P networks (which you can find out easily with google). Finally, if you're using a single computer, you can install a software firewall like Kaspersky Internet Security (my personal choice) which blocks most P2P ports by default (the programs themselves can be cut off from all net access manually), and it can be password protected. Another cool feature of Kaspersky is that it can limit the times a program can access the net, so you can block access at times when you're usually using the net, but leave it open when you're asleep or at work. I'd also be very careful...with the internet in your name, anti-P2P giants like the RIAA aren't very accepting of the "it wasn't me" defense (or any defense at all for that matter), and they can cause a heck of a lot of legal trouble.
  13. Okay, here's the situation: I'm mainly a linux user now, so when I booted up windows today on my laptop, I had two cycles worth of updates to install (yay). All of them installed properly, without any hitches, so I went about my way, resizing my windows partition to make more room for linux. Then, the Automatic Updates icon in the taskbar popped up, telling me I needed to install kb920872. So, I allowed it to install, and went back to my work. Less than a minute later, it was back, same update, reinstalled it, and it came back again. So, aggravated, I rebooted again (without reinstalling it), and started up acronis just in time for it to return. So, I installed it once more, rebooted, and it was back again. So, I uninstalled it, rebooted, downloaded it straight from MS, reinstalled it, rebooted again, and the frickin icon is still there, nagging about the same update. I've googled this update, and it would seem I'm the only person who's ever had an issue with it. Needless to say, this is just one big reminder as to why I like linux, but if anyone can tell me how to fix it, it would be great. BTW, This is with XP Home, SP2, nlite'd with version v1.0rc7 and ryanvm v2.0.5, and all updates installed thereafter. The machine is an HP Pavilion ze2308wm with HP's drivers, which were integrated originally and updated as necessary.
  14. I managed to get the 32-bit drivewrs to work with my Netodragon modem just by installing them, back when I was running xp64 beta and actually using it, now have moved to dsl...
  15. Nope. Don't mean to sound like a prick or anything, but I still have one of these. The 586 was basically a 486 on steroids, it had a few extra extensions, and was usually clocked slightly faster (mine's 100MHz, but then again, I had a 150MHz 486). Most of the 586s were actually manufactured by IBM or Cyrix (Cyrix having since been bought out by Via), and Cyrix called them officially the 5x86, this is what I have. The Pentium and K5/6 lines were actually known (to those who actually gave a ****) as the 686s (and the Cyrix MII was the 6x86), and since then, the actual numbering has been dropped in favor of the generic "x86", since AMD and Intel have split so greatly in the architecture of their CPUs, and the other companies (Evergreen, IBM, Cyrix, and many others) have moved on to other markets or closed their doors. So, there's your history lesson for today
  16. I'm wondering the same thing. If microsoft wanted to use linux and create a new distro, they could, entirely for free, however, I think the linux gpl prevents them from selling this (but they can sell the tech support to go along with it, this is what redhat does, or sell the CDs or community membership like mandrake)
  17. Hey, I've got verizon dsl coming the 28th, but the equipment is already here and set up, which includes a Westell Versalink dsl modem/ wireless router. What I'm trying to figure out now is, how can I configure zonealarm (free) to put the IPs from my home network in the trusted zone, but anything else to be Internet. I have tried adding the IP Range to the trusted zone, but I still can't access the network. BTW, I have turned off SSID broadcasting, enabled MAC filtering, and set a WPA key, so I think the security on that end has been covered. And one final little annoyance, on my main rig, which is running a customized/legalized version of Windows Nemesis, any time I try to access the computer through the "View workgroup computers" or try to go straight to \\amplifier, it says I don't have permission, but if I go straight to a folder, like \\amplifier\docs, it works fine. Any suggestions? This is just a minor annoyance, big problem is the first one. edit: okay, after messing a little more with zonealarm, I managed to get that working (who was it that said the easiest way to figure out a problem was to post it on a web forum?). Still would like help with the second one if possible though, thanks.
  18. little bit of trivia, duck tape and duct tape are both acceptable names, actually. It was originally developed by the army, and dubbed duck tape for it's unique waterproofing ability, water would bead on it much like a duck's feathers. It was later discovered useful for repairing heating ducts. So, call it whatever you like!
  19. accidental double post, mod/admin please delete
  20. I am a smoker. I have been for about 2 years now, and I hate it. But it's an endless cycle...every time I try to quit, someone gets on my a** about how "stupid I was to ever start" or about what it can do to you, or how second hand smoke could kill them...well, for god's sake, I'm not a dumbass, I know this. Walking by me smoking a cigarette is not going to kill you, if you don't like it, hold you breath for a second or two, but say enough of this crap to me, you just might wish it had. I am SO sick and tired of every non-smoker deciding to make it their personal vendetta to inform me of the dangers of smoking. I KNOW THESE THINGS!!!! For god's sake, even my pack of cigarettes today included a stop smoking pamphlet!!! If you want me to quit, shut the f*** up already, and keep your comments to yourself, you can't say a **** thing I don't already know. I smoke to escape from the stress of everyday life...you aren't helping. Furthermore, for that arrogant prick who stated that the guy smoking 4 cars up was bugging him, you have obviously never driven a car before in your life. The smoke from a cigarette does not come out the window and just stay there, the motion of the air around the car dissipates it, the person in the car behind the smoker might get the slightest whif of it (assuming absolutely no wind whatsoever), but certainly not someone 4 cars back. Also, about the litter. I cannot count the number of times I have seen someone chuck a drink cup or fast food bag out the window, or how often I've seen the remains of a blown truck tire scattered all over the road. And you might argue that there are 50 times more cigarrette butts out there than all of these combined...but where are they?? I see ugly mangled black rubber, I see four year old soda cans, and brown paper bags so moulded into the road that only the rain will eventually get rid of them...but I have never EVER noticed a single cigarrette butt on the highway. As for the whole 20-feet from buildings thing, I feel your pain, that's the rule at my college. It drives me nuts, because people will come out if you're only standing 10 feet from the entrance and tell you so. I mean, this is ridiculous, most of the time it's about 10 degrees, and the side of the building only stretches for around 10 feet, so you freeze your a** off. Not to mention that on a few of the buildings, 20 feet would put you dad-smack in the middle of either the sidewalk or the road, I would think being a little closer to the building would be preferred. And come on, how little of that smoke is actually going to make it into the building from 10 feet away? I'll bet more comes in on my clothing then would from my cigarette. And the health risk. There's a health risk every time you walk out the door. Hell, I've known just as many people who've died in car crashes as who've died from lung cancer...but the ones who died in accidents were a heck of a lot younger, and much more dearly missed, because noone ever would have suspected it was coming. Unless you live in a hut with no contact with the outside world, you know there's a danger to smoking. If you choose to accept that danger, then so be it. But for god's sake, please shut up about it, I long for a day when I don't hear about it at least twice. And just to clarify, I'm not trying to defend smoking itself, I'm defending my right to smoke. I have made my decision that smoking is not something I wish to do for the rest of my life (and my girlfriend really doesn't care for it either), but if I did, I believe that I should have the right to do so peacefully, without every prick on the **** planet nitpicking because his coat now stinks from walking by five feet from me. YOU PEOPLE PlSS ME OFF!!! (in case you hadn't figured that out by now) @Drakhan: as others have said, don't be a dumbass...not starting is the easiest way to quit. Why do you want to, you have friends that do it? Trust me, when they're all bitching about how hard it is to quit (and they will be, something tells me you're underage and that's why you're not doing it yet) you'll be able to laugh in their faces. And besides, do you really want to listen to every arrogant as***** tell you the same dozen reasons why you should quit? Believe me, it's enough to drive you crazy As for dope...the name says it all. I've tried it twice, and I don't see the point. It was almost definately THE SINGLE worst thing I've ever tasted, and even worse, it doesn't just go away, not in a day, not even a week. For about 2 weeks after you toke up, you have that horrible taste, which I can only describe as what you might imagine eating burned citrus fruit like, every time you take a drink, or worse, smoke. Being a pothead is nothing to be proud of...I don't know about where you live, but here, potheads usually can't get a decent job (especially if it's obvious) and wind up living off their parents/their girl's parents/etc, etc. Is throwing your life away really worth short high sensation?
  21. nice find. I still remember my dad's old NEC laptop with dual floppy drives, one for the DOS 3.0 boot disk, the other for software...usually oregon trail. Guess I just take it for granted nowadays that C is the first hard drive. But anyways, with the way technology's headed, those could probably be removed and reassigned as hard drives in Longhorn (hey, MS always has to find some way to mess us up with every new release). I mean, jumpdrives, zip disks (ugh) and cds/dvds have made floppies pretty much obsolete nowadays, I don't even have a floppy drive in my latest machine or my crappy old laptop, and usually don't even think of it as missing. Also, don't most motherboards now support boot from cd without floppy emulation?
  22. @astalavista: has anyone told you yet that picpop really doesn't like your hotlink? I currently have an athlon64 3500+, and my previous machine (well, mobo and processor) was a P4 3.2. I am impressed with the performance overall, but I truly wish I had saved my money and gone with another athlon xp. The 64-bit side of things is really no help, under windows or linux..both work, but there's no real support from driver developers or software, so everything's falling back into compatibility mode...it's worse than when I moved to windows 95 from 3.11. For anyone looking for a decent performing computer, I would definately go with an athlon xp, they're much lower on cost and the performance is as good if not better than the current P4 lineup (and with much lower temps). For an office PC, I would consider a Sempron system, if it won't be really running any power-hungry applications, I currently also own a Sempron 2400+, and was shocked by the performance (I was expecting something more along the lines of celeron performance, but this was WAAAY better).
  23. there is a registry tweak (see the regtweaks thread) to disable "automatically reboot on errors". Put this into your regtweaks file (or else create one with just this tweak, and add it to your cmdlines.txt), and see if you can get that bsod to show up long enough to read it.
  24. tweakui 1.33 can auto-logon a user, i imagine this is done through a reg key, might want to check it out
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