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  1. hacking kernel

    Windows Vista isn`t working either But I found something interesting: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...mc_str_qugk.asp "Ntldr searches the Services subkey for drivers with a Start value of 0, such as hard disk controllers." could this information help?
  2. hacking kernel

    i downloaded the 2003 sp1 and extracted ramdisk.sys and setupldr.bin into my windows xp i386 folder and made a boot image. burned it and tried to boot : stop 0x0000007b any suggestions? i know it must be possible because bartpe works this way with this two files!
  3. Replace explorer.exe on XPSP2 Install CD

    just copy your explorer.exe into the i386 folder and delete the explorer.ex_. but be aware of hotfixes that install a new version of the explorer.exe otherwise you will loose your re version (wtf is re version?)
  4. hacking kernel

    i found a intresting post: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...+++installation can anyone tell me more how to integrate those two files into a normal xp cd not a bartpe cd? is there a legal way of getting vista now? any free beta downloads?
  5. hacking kernel

    hi i wanted to install windows xp on my external usb hdd, so i did the following: insert win xp cd boot setup copies files to usb hdd (works fine) first restart boot from usb windows xp loading screen bluescreen stop 0x0000007b k after a day of googling i found out that this is the normal behavior of windows xp (windows 98 works fine). this is because the nt kernel loads the usb drivers too late. so i need a modified kernel or another workaround. does anyone here can help me? p.s.: will windows vista work?
  6. Charmin Deluxe's Office Shrinker

    thx i think what hes trying 2 do is have it so u can select what u want/dont want in the office source? it'd be nice tho 2 have an option for 7zip support you're right. zip support is planned also hmm maybe the SKU011.XML was copied in the wrong place.
  7. Charmin Deluxe's Office Shrinker

    hmmm k wait guys. i think i'm nearly finished with the new nlite like method. just give me one or two days. if anybody of you could send me the aip (admin install point) msi's of other office versions, it would be much easier to add support for office 2k/xp (other languages are also interesting) mail: charmin-deluxe@freakmail.de thx edit: does anyone know a commandline tool that extracts tables of msi files or a tool for exporting mst settings into a txt file or something like that?
  8. Charmin Deluxe's Office Shrinker

    as i said in my first post this version isn't really different to buckeye's version
  9. Charmin Deluxe's Office Shrinker

    because it does a test installation of office to see which files are needed. but last night i got a great idea! maybe it'll work. i'll let you know
  10. Charmin Deluxe's Office Shrinker

    i'm afraid so
  11. Charmin Deluxe's Office Shrinker

    hmm how?
  12. Charmin Deluxe's Office Shrinker

    hmm i'm not sure if it'll work with the other cd's too .. i thought you can slipstream the other cds into an admin point install. i don't have the other cd's so i really don't know it's based on autoit (the new beta with gui support) and i'll send you the source if you want to.
  13. General Application Install Guide?

    did you try autoit yet?
  14. hi because i missed some features in buckeyexp's shrinker, i wrote my own office shrinker tool. in the moment my programm works in the same way like buckeye's but i'm working on another solution (something like nlite, just for office) i'd feel happy if you could test my programm, too. it should work fine for office 2003 and english, german, spanish, dutch. i don't know how it will act with other office versions! other languages can easily be added in the language.ini thx! download: http://www.illusions-tec.de/charmin/OfficeShrinker0.9.rar note!!!: no error support for version 0.9!! i'm working on the other much faster comfortable maybe saver shrinking method. should be finished soon.
  15. framework 1.1 slipstream

    20000 bytes are 20kb o_O never mind i found another solution http://www.illusions-tec.de/charmin/netfxsp1_ger.exe