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any portable version for

On a whim, I saved my nLite install folder from the WIN7 system I use, then after doing a clean install, I ran nLite from this "portable" version and it worked great.

YMMV, and that's my story but I could be wrong.


Atlanta, GA. USA

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Minor bug report - if one tries to select 149 hotfixes (148 OK) at the hotfix integration step then the explorer window throws an error. One can still integrate 149 hotfixes but they have to be selected in two bites.

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Hi, nLite requested i post an error and i don't know where to post it. Please let me know and/or move this post. Thanks to all involved with this great program.

I'm just doing as requested, reporting the error, and actually not seeking help cuz i can probably reconstrue stuff and get a good integration without really persuing this error. This error may be due to just incorrect sequence in my addon list. I'm a very new nLite user, before this having made just one xp disk --but error free, including the install. I have any and all info/logs that you might ask for if the protocol is to dissect or log such errors for the sake of the forum/application.

"Error! Missing expected file. Please report this error.    qfeuppck.inf"


-presets last session ini

-a quicklook screenshot of addons and the moment of error

Last Session_[nLite_Error_[Missing_qfeuppck.inf]_5-20-2016].ini

nLite_Error_[Missing_qfeuppck.inf]_5-20-2016-12.12.43 PM.jpg

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tried,trying attach foto, not insert..
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