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  1. Nuhi, I think you'll have a MUCH more successful run at this if you sell a version outright, like xProductLite V1 for $50, and then sell V2 at a similar price with upgrade deals for those who purchased previous version(s). Steve Gibson's Spinrite was sold on a sliding scale for upgraders - the older the version that you'd purchased, the more you paid for the latest and greatest. Making software that requires updates frequently (anti-virus, security, etc.) is a tricky science. You MUST pay for the security updates, although they are more properly referred to as definitions. Are you designin
  2. And I'd be interested in the registration fee, do you have ANY clue as to a range of cost? Whatever it is, I'd like to see a one-time charge as opposed to a subscription. Certainly personal use would be different than technician use or corporate deployment. Maybe even a family option, to cover all computers in a household. I love nLite, and I used it successfully for many years. If your next creation is anywhere near as good, I would pay you for it in a heartbeat! I'd PAY to test the Pro version, as well. <hint> Best success from your fan in Atlanta. MARK STRELECKI Atlanta, G
  3. markstrelecki


    On a whim, I saved my nLite install folder from the WIN7 system I use, then after doing a clean install, I ran nLite from this "portable" version and it worked great. YMMV, and that's my story but I could be wrong. MARK STRELECKI Atlanta, GA. USA
  4. If I didn't know better, I'd swear those files you mentioned were Windows 7 versions. ... /7.2.6001.788/windowsupdateagent30-x86.exe The 7.2 above is what caught my eye. MARK STRELECKI Atlanta, GA. USA
  5. WinToolkit works very well for me and reminds me a lot of my old fave nLite! http://www.wincert.net/forum/forum/179-win-toolkit/
  6. OK. I've noticed strange and unexplained activity on my install of the W8 Dev Preview x64 edition. And I trust y'all to help me get to the bottom of it. I have noticed, on multiple occasions in the past three weeks of testing, unexplained CPU activity (5-7%) when the system SHOULD be idle, as well as excessive network activity on the order of 1.9Mb/sec uploads and 1.76Mb/sec downloads. Not abnormal, BUT I'M NOT DOWNLOADING ANYTHING. LSASS.EXE is now consuming over 1,270,000KB of memory! That's 1.27GB, and it's been rising the whole time I've been monitoring it this evening. RAM use for lsass.e
  7. PCI-E is a serial bus technology that moves data in two directions at the same time, while AGP is a parallel technology that moves data in one direction at a time. PCI-E is designed to be faster than AGP and is featured in most modern motherboards. Virtually all the new video chipsets are available ONLY in PCI-E form. AGP is the past and PCI-E is the future. Good luck with that new system. Seems we have LOTS more choices now than ever before.... see this page for more info: http://www.directron.com/expressguide.html
  8. As a STORAGE drive, I would partition and format it as a single NTFS volume. But that's just me.....
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