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  1. Hello, Is there any way to ged rid of "do you want to install this device software" via registry, command, GPO etc? I trust every piece of software driver that i want to install and I want to avoid such monit. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I just wanted to say huge THANKS for you great work!
  3. My goal was partially solved by enabling extension block when using CRU. Now game use "maximum supported resolution and refresh rate that is bound to it". When you take look at the "Options" in this game, you cannot change resolution - i guess that is the results of EDID override. Even if this is not exactly what I want, It's better than nothing and actually good alternative.
  4. Because the game will still use @60Hz and if there won't be any other display refresh than 100Hz, then any application will be forced to use it and that is the whole point.
  5. Hello, ReForce - a brilliant way to force 120/100/85Hz for any game. The way how it works is simple: this application delete all available modes except those from the list and if for eg: Child of Light want to set his 1024x768@60Hz mode, it's forced to set 1024x768@100Hz mode instead. I was using it since forever but now it doesn't work with Windows 8.1 x64 I'm looking for any replacement. I already try RefreshLock (didn't work) and CRU + successfully created custom windows driver: everything seems fine except that old modes @60Hz,@75@ exist and are available to set via "Screen resolution &g
  6. ALIENQuake


    OMG nuhi comeback! Great news! I've always wonder why you disapear and didin't post any message like "I'm pausing for a moment" ...
  7. I'm facing difictul problem regarding renaming of AD user remote profile and home folders directories. This is what i mean: Example: Login:BALITZMA HF:\alien.net\users\home\BALITZMA PF:\alien.net\users\profile\BALITZMA I have no problems using Powershell to change name of those folders but there are some situations that files from that folders are currently in use. And since those folders are located in Windows File Clusters, I must manually find all opened files by BALITZMA using "Share and Storage Manager" The question is: is there any easy way to "display current opened files for user" fr
  8. I know that i have own Windows 7, in fact i have Ultimate Edition. That is what i want to get rid of many unwanted things. But it is impossible for unexperienced user to have safety remove all what is not needed and don't end up with "Missing xxx for application xxx". That is why I asked is there any safe pre-set for vLite/other Windows 7 Shrink Tools EDIT: Windows Thin PC looks promising :-]
  9. Hi ! What is the smalest Windows 7 Edition but with maximum compatibility and without problems? Is there some predefined profiles for Windows 7 shrink tools or i must do it on my own ?
  10. Hi, Just look at this amazing Windows Desktop UI Concept: http://www.theverge.com/2012/2/24/2822891/windows-desktop-ui-concept I start this thread because i want people post their ideas/applications information that will help in make such UI for Windows now. I don't know much about customizing Windows 7 UI/Themes/applications that change UI etc. I believe that this is the right place for such question. Does somebody have any clues how to make such UI ?
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