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  1. nLite. The Best program for customizing/editing installations of I386's based Windows OSes ever! It is possible to get updated: MCE 2005 Feature... if... About integrating Service Pack 3 into Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. The following scenario is fully workable: 1. You need to use DXUPAC MCE Slipstreamer SP3. 2. Integrate with nLite YumeYao_WMP10_Addon_ENU_V3_4_5. 3. You are done, and you have WinXP MCE 2005 with SP3 (Media Center 3.0) 4. After Installation you need to install NETFX 1.1, and after that 5. Install only KB900325.exe (extracted from WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB900325-usa.exe) 6. Install WindowsXPMediaCenter2005-KB925766-ENU.exe (October 2006 Update). Now you have FULLY updated WinXP MCE 2005. Optional you can Install Windows Media Player 11 and again everything works great. ------------------ Point of this is that I want: nLite, to get the same fully workable functionality like 'DXUPAC MCE Slipstreamer SP3', (not this one, which chnage version from 3.0 to 2.8) and someone to create true addon from KB900325.exe (18,4MB extracted one) and KB925766 in one package to be used with nLite. - normaly this will required NETFX1.1 also slipstremaed as true addon at the first place. ============================================================ ============================================================ Another features what I like to see in nLite are: - Support for Windows Betas from Whistler (XP) and Longhorn (Vista) era. nLite actually support those builds with i386 folder (not WIM setups). But if you add some addon for ex. Firefox, IE8 or adobe reader or whatever, you gonna get error after TXT mode setup when you will be asked to insert "Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 CD" (block modified beta iso from installing). In this contex will be very nice to be possible nLite to patch beta builds to make them date-free, for users don't have to change bios date for their installation. - Extending RunOnce section for: changing color of CMD console, and adding TITLE command on it's, also GUI for autommated @ECHO OFF/ECHO commands. - Feature on ISO creation page, to be possible to set 'Specifies the timestamp for all files and directories' - switch: -t option from OSCDIMG. - Support for Windows 2000 Datacenter - Support for SMBS 2003 (integrating Service Packs) - Support for converting-changing License Channel (VLK-OEM-Retail). (I think this woludn't be consider as pircay because with this someone only will get install media disk not the serial number.) Suggestions: - Enable 'Back' button on ISO creation page, to go directly on Location (second page). (In some scenarios even at the begging you know that you will need to edit your installation through 2-3 times process via nLite.) - Remove/Change Windows 2000 and Windows XP's Service Packs links (online locations). - Check EULA now need to say: 2013 instead of 2008. ========================================================================= P.S. Thanks Nuhi again for the great software.
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    To avoid double posting, I'd edited this because I've transfered my post here.
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