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  1. @Dave-H Having the same issue you did/do, been working on it with Wonko the Sane and wanted to know exact make/model of your external case to compare with mine. If you have a moment, pls reply in our thread at reboot.pro. Many thanks! edit: @Dave-H nevermind, sorry bout that, i got it from yr other thread [173265]:
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    Hi, nLite requested i post an error and i don't know where to post it. Please let me know and/or move this post. Thanks to all involved with this great program. I'm just doing as requested, reporting the error, and actually not seeking help cuz i can probably reconstrue stuff and get a good integration without really persuing this error. This error may be due to just incorrect sequence in my addon list. I'm a very new nLite user, before this having made just one xp disk --but error free, including the install. I have any and all info/logs that you might ask for if the protocol is to dissect or log such errors for the sake of the forum/application. "Error! Missing expected file. Please report this error. qfeuppck.inf" Attached: -presets last session ini -a quicklook screenshot of addons and the moment of error Last Session_[nLite_Error_[Missing_qfeuppck.inf]_5-20-2016].ini

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