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nuhi is back, post your suggestions here


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Sooooo, should a guy (nuhi) who has mastered making the tools for W2k, XP, W2k3, XPx64 now make a Win8 tool, or, should he keep working with what he does so well. Letting someone else make the W8 tools .... someone like YOU!

You go for it! YOu got my vote!

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there are plenty of tools that customize win7 so don't talk BS

If so, maybe those did not existed in Win 7 time.

2 did

vlite can/could edit 7 RTM

RT 7 lite can/could edit both RTM and later SP1 (when it came out)

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Not fixing nLite would be a shame, regardless how many people will continue using XP. If it starts taking too much of my time then I will drop the idea, but for now I am willing to try both.

As XP will arrive at a "final" state in 2014, it would be a good idea to take nLite to a final version, too. THX nuhi for refreshing nLite again!

Huh! Haven't seen g-force around for a while either. Nuhi, have you by chance hacked his account and are posting under both member names? :lol:

Nuhi is back, and so am I. :yes:

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Great to see nuhi is back, and active! :) I agree that a ''final'' version of nlite would be great. :D

I do have two things to say about the Driverpacks discussion from the previous pages:

1. nlite is compatible with driverpacks. I always for my build first nlite it, but WITHOUT adding drivers via nlite, then add to the resulted image drivers via the driverpacks app. I never had problems with this.

But yeah, probably integrating drivers with nlite adn also the driverpacks app may generate issues, but I don't understand the logic of using them both.

2. I was forced to find an alternative to nlite when AMD AHCI drivers couldn't be integrated with nlite, and that's how I stumbled upon driverpacks. I never had issues in the past with the integration of Intel AHCI drivers (or mass storage, however you'd like to call them), but AMD is a different problem completely.

So, nuhi, if you have time, please investigate why AMD drivers aren't integrated / won't work. I do have an AMD based system available and I can test a build on it in ~ two weeks.

Also, about the new windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 tool, can you please make a thread for it somewhere, so we can post our wishes for it (for what it could do) there? Thanks. :)

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If so, maybe those did not existed in Win 7 time.

2 did

vlite can/could edit 7 RTM

RT 7 lite can/could edit both RTM and later SP1 (when it came out)

vLite can also edit Win7 SP1 if you know how. To be honest, RT7Lite is like a cheap toy compared to vLite. But vLite was not completely compatible with Win7, of course, and there are some differences between Vista and Win7 that caused that. Still vLite was/is leagues above anything I've seen.

So what I'm saying is that there has never been a quality tool such as n/vLite for Win7 expressely. And that is really a shame because Win7 is still very viable and the last true Windows desktop OS for now. I can manage with vLite and have made very good lite images of Win7 with it, but it is not foolproof and it requires mounting the image afterwards and editing some things.

So hopefully nuhi would consider making such a tool (vLite is a great base to start from, I would think). Sure it would be great if it could do Win8.1 too :D I realize there is a lot of backlog from people using nLite over the years so I hope all the comments and request don't snow him in too much :D

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well from my experience, vlite always broke 7 SP1

I'm still using rt7 lited win7/sp1, and been so for 3 years now

they both kinda offered same options but rt7 was more compatible

for instance in vlite if you choose to remove SxS, this will break everything always, even on vista

while rt7 doesn't break system with its "removal"

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Yes, I understand what you're referring to when you say vLite 'broke SP1', but like I said there is a way to use it on Win7 SP1 without a problem. Also, with WinSxS removal there is no issue such as you describe.

I mean what I said when I said vLite is leagues above RT7Lite. RT7 was not only unbearably slow, the vLited images always were cleaner and better. People who know how to use vLite on Win7 SP1 will not even bother with RT7; the only thing I heard them use it for was integration of Service Packs but would then do the rest with vLite :) But once I figured out how to use vLite I never used RT7lite again.

I've used vLite a lot on Win7 SP1 and I was always amazed how well the app was made. It's simple, clean, and fast. I normally install it inside a VM and then give the VM access to a drive on which I've extracted a Win7 SP1 image I wish to liten. The whole process for me (taking out Tablet PC, Speech, Nat. Language, Accessibility, sometimes WinSxS) would take less than 10 minutes on a bad day :D

EDIT: click this link to go to the vLite MSDN thread where they mention the trick to use vLite on Win7 SP1. It really is about doing an export of a certain image and then using that with vLite.

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I think this may have been discussed before but I'm not going to wade through 4 pages. :whistle:

I'd like the option to NOT optimize files - "; Customized by nLite - www.nliteos.com". This makes it easier when doing a comparison to see what was modified.

Suggestion for additional reg tweaks coming up. :)

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A couple of minor bugs regarding Windows XP x64 Professional edition (none of these are critical as they can be scripted around).

If either IE7 or IE8 is integrated, the Windows Update link on the start menu does not work, one has to point Internet Explorer at update.microsoft.com manually.

Some hotfixes that are correctly integrated (actually added to \svcpack) in a 64-bit environment fail to do so in a 32-bit environment, specifically:

KB942288 Windows Installer 4.5

Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB925876)

KB944043 Server 2008 compatibility pack

KB952011 Blu-Ray update

Security Update for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB960803)

KB955704 exFAT file system

KB943729 Group Policy Preference

Security Update for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB2296011)

KB2478953 Active Directory

Security Update for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB2638806)

Security Update for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB2659262)

Security Update for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB2698365)

Security Update for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB2834886)

The following updates don't integrate (svcpack)in either a 64 or 32-bit environment (both are Remote Desktop Protocol)

Security Update for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB2481109)

Security Update for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB2813345)

Tweaks requests:

Option to have quick launch enabled by default

Option to add Windows Explorer to quick launch

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Ponch, got it, I'll make sure to replicate and fix or ask further if I don't see it, thanks.

Acheron, that's some good information, thanks. Can't promise all in the next release. Btw you can use addons (entries.ini) to add functionality like that to your custom nLitin'.

jmbattle, nice, thanks. Ok, I'll add 'Dial Up Networking' and 'Kerberos Authentication' as PPPoE compatibility option then, thank you. Let me know if you find something else needed about it.

Ultraform, yeah lang removals need fixing, I remember that there was something fishy about it, plus what -X- found lately, that some hotfix is breaking stuff up if langs are not removed properly.

robertcollier4, thanks, also this points to a big deal, a missing option for GDR/QFE choice in hotfix integration, will do.

RicaNeaga, I'll take you up on that offer, expect a PM, thanks.

-X-, you the man, I remember that issue with the cdkey, will do.

About the option to not optimize... hm, ok I'll think about it, I know few more people wanted it.

trala, thanks for the kind words, I also tried all the tools out there before choosing to proceed with the next one, and yeah... But now you are on my blacklist, I am not allowed to listen to people which agree with me, sorry ;).

vinifera, no need to compare vlite to anything in regards to bugs or Win7 for which it was not made, during these 5 years of my absence, that is hardly a fair fight :)

Use whatever is working for you, later you won't have a choice ;) (just joking, I hope the new tool will sattisfy)

Kurt_Aust, yes, some 64-bit hotfixes (those that are NOT directly integrated and ran as /integrate to svcpack) cannot run 64-bit app/hotfix.exe under 32-bit OS. I probably need to implement some popup to warn people.

Thanks for point that out.

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