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  1. nuhi, can we please make our suggestions / wishes somewhere, in a thread dedicated for the new tool (that probably will use DISM for windows 7 / 8 / 8.1)? Please make a new thread for it and link it here, as I can see here all the suggestions are nlite related.
  2. RicaNeaga


    Thanks for the clarifications. #2 and #3 - yes, I don't know how I missed that option (''Display Reports''), but I'm ashamed to say that I did. But yeah, maybe it can be explained better (I think - ''very optional'' suggestion). Again, sorry for missing it. #4 - Please consider checking xable's update pack for two reasons. One - he has managed to slipstream MSRT inside his updatepack, maybe it helps somehow. Two - if you choose to make your app to directly integrate MSRT, please check it will be compatible with xable's pack. Of course I'll firstly add his pack in the integration queue and then ''overwrite'' the MSRT with the newer one (during the nlite integration process), but it's likely that two MSRTs would generate issues. Again, please check it, as I'm sure there are many xable's updatepack users out there, that use it with nlite. Thanks again.
  3. Great to see nuhi is back, and active! I agree that a ''final'' version of nlite would be great. I do have two things to say about the Driverpacks discussion from the previous pages: 1. nlite is compatible with driverpacks. I always for my build first nlite it, but WITHOUT adding drivers via nlite, then add to the resulted image drivers via the driverpacks app. I never had problems with this. But yeah, probably integrating drivers with nlite adn also the driverpacks app may generate issues, but I don't understand the logic of using them both. 2. I was forced to find an alternative to nlite when AMD AHCI drivers couldn't be integrated with nlite, and that's how I stumbled upon driverpacks. I never had issues in the past with the integration of Intel AHCI drivers (or mass storage, however you'd like to call them), but AMD is a different problem completely. So, nuhi, if you have time, please investigate why AMD drivers aren't integrated / won't work. I do have an AMD based system available and I can test a build on it in ~ two weeks. Also, about the new windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 tool, can you please make a thread for it somewhere, so we can post our wishes for it (for what it could do) there? Thanks.
  4. RicaNeaga


    Using the latest version of nlite ( with my usual build, I noticed several ''issues'' regarding hotfix integration: 1. The latest version of nlite still doesn't support direct integration of several hotfixes. These updates are: Windows Feature Pack for Storage 1.0 (Imapi and Smartcard), KB974266, KB979099, KB916157 v6, KB922120 v6, KB932716 v2, KB950305 v2, KB967048 v2, KB970326, KB970401, KB971276 v3, KB982316 and the Redistributable Framework Components (KB971286 + kmdf 1.9 - hard to come by, it's included in the archive with all the updates linked above). 2. (request) If some updates from the ones above cannot be integrated directly, please add an option to nlite that enables integrating them (via the ''regular integration method'') without permission from the user / when checked, redundant screens like this won't appear at the final stage of the integration process. This request is kind of optional - if all the updates from the archive linked above are integrated directly, such an option will be useless. 3. (request) Please add an option to enable the default behaviour of the integration process to directly overwrite files only when a higher version number is present, without user permission. So, screens like this won't pop up at the final stage of the installation process, and so I won't be forced to press the ''yes'' button at least 20 times everytime I use nlite with my usual build. If these two requests are implemented, the user won't be bugged at all with pop up screens at the final stage (in ''normal'' circumstances). 4. (question) Do you plan on supporting direct integration for the MSRT tool, or only swichless installers of it at T-13 are ok with nlite? Right now, I get the usual screen when trying to add it to the queue. 5. I use four unofficial updates from the first post from here (no 1 - KB291343, no 2 - KB921606, no 5 - KB2575928 and no 6 - KB2616879). With nlite, the integration process goes smoothly, however with, for KB291343 I get this screen, that is wrong I think - the unofficial updates clearly has a newer version stored inside. Again, this didn't happen with nlite 6. (Optional) From the list Onepiece mentioned here (4th post), with all the updates for windows xp available from Microsoft, I don't use ~ 20 of them, for various reasons. However, maybe some people use them all, so I also tried them once to see how they cope with your app. KB938720 (legit check .cab) is clearly icompatible with your app, as you can see here, the same as KB282784 (qfecheck - see here) or KB940157 (windows search 4.0 - see here and here). Again, this one is optional from my point of view, as I don't integrate these, but please investigate either way. Thanks.
  5. Very useful. Thanks for posting. Have a couple of question: 1. I also want to remove the WU nag for KB976002. All I have to do is add another line, like hideupdates(4) = "KB976002" to the first post script, or do I have to do smth else? 2. I make the default behaviour for WU through Autounattend.xml to go off. So with WU off by default on windows 7, will this script have the same effect? 3. Can this .vbs script be run silently? If yes, can you please post in the first post the changes needed to your script? 4. Can you please make a similat guide / script for windows xp? When you'll have the time... interested for xp in not showing KB976002 (browser choice) and KB892130 (genuine advantage - don't know if this is enough, or also 905474 should be added also, never tried before, only hid it through WU screen).
  6. Done. Oh, and just to mention... if I don't use that true integration of Adobe Flash Player, and I use a T-13 installer, that doesn't change the flash.inf file, then everything is ok with WinSetupFromUSB.
  7. Hello. I'm having issues with a true integration of the latest Adobe Flash Player and WinSetupFromUSB. This problem doesn't appear when I install from a cd (so when I don't use WinSetupFromUSB). To be more specific, that addon of Adobe Flash Player replaces the original flash.inf with an alternate one, and when I try to install windows from a USB drive (made with WinSetupFromUSB 0.2.3), right after formatting the HDD, the new flash.inf cannot be copied to the HDD, and I'm asked whether I want to skip and continue installation, or to press F8 and abort installation. Can you think of a reason why WinSetupFromUSB is incompatible with that true integration of Adobe Flash Player? Why it doesn't like the new flash.inf?

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