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You say "Windowblinds support", but why advise not to use it?

Why bother installing Start8 when already have SIB+ in hand? 
The last question is not a question at all! That theme on the screenshot is cool, but SIB+ doesn't have it!!! 

That's WindowBlinds - Stardock's skinning engine, buggy but with lot of skins.


Still haven't heard from you on this. Any chance of getting support for this in SIB+ 1.7 ?

I was unable to reproduce your issue yet, sorry.

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Still haven't heard from you on this. Any chance of getting support for this in SIB+ 1.7 ?

I was unable to reproduce your issue yet, sorry.


Have you tried it on a Mac BootCamp installation of Windows, while using VMware Fusion to run off the BootCamp partition as a VM ?

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Speaking of Macs and what I've been doing for last half year...


Parallels Desktop 10 has just been released!

New cool features I've been working on:

- Start screen as Launchpad

- Mac sharing integration for IE & WE

- Windows Update, antivirus detection

- Office cloud sharing


Also stuff you won't find in release notes yet:

- Coherence mode is like 500% faster and 100% awesome

- Fixed ton of bugs that were plaguing PD since inception


Free to ask stuff and complain.

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Ah, so you work for Parallel's on Desktop ?


When I last tried PD a few versions ago with a Win 7 x64 BootCamp install, I found that when the VM was booting, the bootup orb was displayed briefly but then disappeared for the rest of the boot. With Fusion it always displays as normal during the boot process.



Re. my SIB+ issue, just to be clear that when running the VM, it hasn't made a copy of the BC partition, it running of the actual BC partition.

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start %~dp0StartIsBackPlus_setup.exe /elevated /silent

under setupcomplete.cmd will destroy SIB function for being uninstalled or upgraded.


It will not let you reboot after you have upgraded or rebooted, it will simply log out user.


If force rebooting you will be back without any back background and no explorer available for use. And you are forced to install the same installation again..



Tested on 3 different machines + virtualbox.


Can you fix this for unattended use?



I posted this in the old section for windows 8.. What i use is 8.1 sorry for post twice in each forum post.

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I have an odd problem on 8.1 x64 (tested with 1.6.2 and 1.7 beta).


I can't run a program returned in search results as admin.


So, if I navigate to Notepad via the menu (All Programs, Windows Accessories), right click Notepad, and select Run as Admin, it works. However, if I simply search on "Notepad" and then right click on the result (in Program section), and select Run as Admin, it tells me that "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action."


Of course, it does. This happens with all programs returned in search results (not Notepad-specific).


I then tried SIB+ in a test install of the same OS and did not see the problem, so I'm not sure what to think or how to go about resolving it. I really don't think that it was always this way or I would have noticed it before now.

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SIB does that. For example, you can try to corrupt ActivationData value and then activate again. ActivationData1 will be created and used.

Are you using per-user or per-machine install?

I just manually corrupted the ActivationData and after re-activation, it did indeed create ActivationData1. As it doesn't do this if I activate in BootCamp native and then reboot into Fusion VM BootCamp, I'm wondering if SIB+ takes a different path the first time it detects different hardware, since the ActivationData key is definitely present when it overwrites it with new data.

Would you be able to create a debug build, whereby SIB+ logs to a text file the registry path(s)/key(s) it checks for Key and ActivationData (include the actual data in the log). This will allow us to make sure SIB+ is reading the correct data.

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So you observe ActivationData gets deleted in your case? That's strange. It is deleted only in the case server reports invalid license key or other error.

Can you try to backup ActivationData and restore it as ActivationData1 on different hardware?

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Report a bug:

I have dual monitor, one is laptop lcd with 1366X768 resolution, the other is big 24 inch lcd with 1920X1200.

When i put the laptop sleep and wake it up, there is an additional half-transparent blue strip in the desktop above all my window, and sometimes long blue strip in the bottom with startisback button (yes that start button), i can adjust its height seperately without changing the real taskbar.

The only solution i know is restarting the explorer.exe in the task manager.

Can you fix it for it's quite annoying?

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