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  1. Report a bug: I have dual monitor, one is laptop lcd with 1366X768 resolution, the other is big 24 inch lcd with 1920X1200. When i put the laptop sleep and wake it up, there is an additional half-transparent blue strip in the desktop above all my window, and sometimes long blue strip in the bottom with startisback button (yes that start button), i can adjust its height seperately without changing the real taskbar. The only solution i know is restarting the explorer.exe in the task manager. Can you fix it for it's quite annoying?
  2. the only difference between vista codec pack and k-lite mega codecs is the number of codecs. when i only use vista codec pack in my computer, many movies stored can't be played while there is no problem after installing k-lite mega codecs.
  3. can you point out which CAB file contain these? i don't want to install them through $OEM$ for my own reason. i prefer to replace the certain .CAB file. Thank you very much. Without sounding too snotty, you can help yourself by performing a search of this forum. This topic has been covered again and again, with great success. Good luck. how do you think i'm snotty. if you think someone asks for help is just a snotty thing, you're boorish!
  4. i want to integrate a different theme into the i386 folder, but i don't want the default windows xp theme, i want to delete it and add a new one. NOT $OEM$ method ,but directly modify the setup files. i have used RyanVM integrator, but it doesn't work yet. WHO CAN HELP ME!
  5. I'm interested in your plan, however, i can't be online after this month, so i can't help with the UL files. If i have time, i will make the first ul files of CHS part, but i can't update it. can this be permitted?

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