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  1. Not sure if the author of SpyShelter ever contacted you @Tihiy , but I received another reply saying that they had also managed to reproduce the problem in Better protection mode as well. They also said the issue points to StartIsBack injected code and that it calls at undefined address.
  2. Thanks for reply @Tihiy. I have relayed your message and asked him to contact you. You could also try to contact him (through SS website). Let me know if there's anything I can do or test.
  3. There is a conflict between StartIsBack+ 1.7.5 and SpyShelter 10.7.3 x64 (and some of the few previous versions) - Specifically the Hooks Guard feature when in Better Compatibility mode. After Windows login, you just end up with a black screen and the Desktop never loads, although the mouse cursor still moves and Ctrl+Alt+Delete brings up login options. I contacted the author of SpyShelter and they said it's caused because StartIsBack+ does not check the API funcs return codes. They did not say exactly which one, but I assume SIB+ does not take it into account and continues to try to do something which it shouldn't. To reproduce, install SIB+ 1.7.5 on Win 8.1.1 x64, then install SpyShelter Firewall 10.7.3 x64 (http://www.spyshelter.com) with Keyboard encryption driver (default install options should sufice) and reboot. Login to Windows and open SpyShelter GUI, then switch to Keystroke Encryption tab > Advanced tab and change Hooks Guard to Better compatibility mode. Reboot Windows and when logging in you should get black screen. I believe the same issue also occurs with Win 10 x64 and SIB++. Any chance of looking into this and getting a fix ?
  4. Hi @Tihiy, I've come back to this issue with SIB+1.7.5 and have some new observations: - If ActivationData exists but hardware changes, it does create ActivationData1, which is what you were saying should happen. - However, SIB+ only seems to check ActivationData and not ActivationData1, since it stays un-activated. If I activate again, it just creates AcivationData2, but still stays un-activated. - If there is no Internet connection and you activate, SIB+ wipes out all ActivationData and LicenseHash registry values. This should not happen IMO.
  5.   I just manually corrupted the ActivationData and after re-activation, it did indeed create ActivationData1. As it doesn't do this if I activate in BootCamp native and then reboot into Fusion VM BootCamp, I'm wondering if SIB+ takes a different path the first time it detects different hardware, since the ActivationData key is definitely present when it overwrites it with new data.Would you be able to create a debug build, whereby SIB+ logs to a text file the registry path(s)/key(s) it checks for Key and ActivationData (include the actual data in the log). This will allow us to make sure SIB+ is reading the correct data.
  6. Ah, so you work for Parallel's on Desktop ? When I last tried PD a few versions ago with a Win 7 x64 BootCamp install, I found that when the VM was booting, the bootup orb was displayed briefly but then disappeared for the rest of the boot. With Fusion it always displays as normal during the boot process. Re. my SIB+ issue, just to be clear that when running the VM, it hasn't made a copy of the BC partition, it running of the actual BC partition.
  7. I was unable to reproduce your issue yet, sorry. Have you tried it on a Mac BootCamp installation of Windows, while using VMware Fusion to run off the BootCamp partition as a VM ?
  8. Any update on this Tihiy ?You mentioned it should already do this, but that's not what I'm seeing Still haven't heard from you on this. Any chance of getting support for this in SIB+ 1.7 ?
  9. Any update on this Tihiy ?You mentioned it should already do this, but that's not what I'm seeing
  10. I would rather send the dump to Tihiy direct via e-mail. What e-mail should I send it to ?
  11. One other thing - I have been getting crashes in explorer.exe, module twinui.appcore.dll, but haven't found the cause yet as it's unpredictable. It seems to occur just after logging in and explorer.exe automatically restarts itself and doesn't seem to crash 2nd time around. Have you had any other reports of explorer.exe crashing in module twinui.appcore.dll, and could it be caused by SIB+ ? I have a crash dump I can send, but the analysis just points to twinui.appcore.dll as the culprit.
  12. Per machine, as I want settings to be same between all logins. When I checked those registry keys before and after activation, the LicenseHash value obviously stayed the same, but the ActivationData changed (ie. old data was overwritten with new data, rather than a ActivationData1 being created with the new data). This is on Win 8.1.1 x64 with latest SIB+ 1.6.2
  13. I tried what you suggested but I have the same problem. I traced where SIB+ was storing the licence and activation data and see that it saves it in the registry here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack\License\LicenseHash HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack\License\ActivationData The problem is that it only ever stores one lot of activation data, so every time I switch between native BootCamp Windows and Fusion VM Windows it just overwrites the previous activation data. The solution is to store more than one lot of activation data (ie. ActivationData1, ActivationData2, ActivationData3...), and try each one when seeing if it is activated. Any chance you can add this into SIB+, as it makes using SIB+ on a Mac (when switching between native BootCamp Windows and Fusion VM Windows) a pain given that it has to be re-activated every time I switch between the two ?
  14. Just to clarify - I used same key, but every time I switch between BootCamp native and the Fusion BootCamp VM (which runs off of native partition). So the licence data from one activation will not overwrite the licence data from the other activation (ie. two lots of licence data can/will exist at the same time on the same partition) ? I will try what you suggest and report back.
  15. I have a 5-PC licence and am having activation issues when trying to use SIB+ on a MacBook when switching between the native Windows installation (ie. BootCamp) and the VMware Fusion VM version (which runs off of the same Windows partition as the native version, rather than being a copy of the partition). 1) I boot to Windows native and activate SIB+, which works fine. 2) I then reboot into OS X, start the Fusion Windows VM and SIB+ asks to activate again, which is also fine. 3) If I reboot into Windows native, SIB+ asks to activate again, which is not fine. The activation from step (2) seems to have wiped out the activation data from step (1) I use another app that also uses activation, but it gets around the above problem by storing multiple hardware ID's/signature's, activation code's and response's in a file, and when it performs the "Am_I_Activated" check, it compares the current hardware ID against all stored activation information to see if there is a match. If this hardward ID has already been activated, and is in the file, then the activation check passes, without requiring activation again. Can you change the licencing/activation scheme of SIB+ slightly, so that multiple activations/ID's are stored in a licence/activation file, instead of just one (which seems to be the case at the moment)

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