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IPB Update July 2013 (to version 3.4.5) - BUGS Only


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I mean the new likes. I got several likes and tried to find where I got them.

Ah. In your profile, on the left menu there is a likes button. I went to yours and click it and can see where your likes are from.


You can also see what posts you have liked.

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I mean this link:




Here I got the error. I overlooked your way. This also works for me.

HA! That was my first reponse... see post #241. I confirm the Find Links button on a profile goes to the "Oops" message. I can't see mine nor yours... Although I'm not sure what that button is SUPPOSED to do either. It may not be implemented. The only other IPB forum I am on that has that button is Reboot, and it just goes to a page that says "no links."

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Well, I haven't seen this bug mentioned...


'When attempting to track back through the 'page numbered lists' of older topics,

eventually a point is reached in the page lists where the topic title can be seen,

but the link to the topic seems damaged, and does not display the topic posts.'


To experience bug;

In most MSFN webpages, find your membername towards the top left hand corner.

Directly below your membername, is what appears to be a readout of the current

path of directories. Now, for example, say you see;

MSFN/Miscellaneous/Site & Forum Issues

and you click on 'Site & Forum Issues', then see (for example) Page 1 to 56 nn, and

you click on the ('double right pointing chevrons'=)Earliest page (which are the

highest numbered pages).


What you see is the topics listings with all the topics displayed like this;

(e.g. for a topic called 'very dumb question')

very dumb question :)_______________________-1 replies______Guest__*
Started by Guest__* , --_____________________1,908 views_______--


(Note; the '-1' you see above is not a typo.)

If you click on the topic name, it sends you to a page containing the topic but the

topic posts are missing.


Also, in our example above, where you are on the last page (56 ?), if you click

through the pages towards the present day, you will find eventually a

'changeover point' where the topics lists will return to normal - in this example

the topic lists change back to normal on about page 53 or 54. (Note; the page

numbers quoted here will change, of course, in the following weeks, as new posts topics

are created and cause the topic list numbering to be incremented upward in number).


The bug makes it difficult to access old topics (posts) if the topics are listed beyond the

'changeover point'.


I do have a direct link for an old post (the first ever MSFN post, actually);

and that oldest post is still there and obviously accessible, so hopefully this

bug is only affecting the link to each topic, in the pages of topic lists, beyond

a certain point (the bug does not appear to be date-related).


Other (random) examples;

MSFN Forum/Unattended Windows Discussion & Support/Device Drivers
see page 98 , 99 and back

MSFN Forum/Microsoft Software Products/Windows 9x / ME
page 185 , 186 and back

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To make it short:

Good :yes: :




Switch from Good to Bad (last two topics) :} :



Bad :no: :





Number based (different issue, but still issue):


Topics good:








Topics bad:

http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/10- We could not determine which forum this topic is in.[1]

http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/11- We could not determine which forum this topic is in.[1]

http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/12- We could not determine which topic you were attempting to view.[2]

http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/100- We could not determine which topic you were attempting to view.[2]

http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/100000- We could not determine which topic you were attempting to view.[2]



[1]This is likely to be one of the issues at hand.

[2]This is more likely to be a deleted or set invisible topic.



Edited by jaclaz
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Sorry to report this, but I'm once again not receiving e-mail notifications of new posts in threads that I'm subscribed to.


The last notifications to arrive were on Friday, May 29. I haven't made any changes to my e-mail settings or to my MSFN profile preferences.



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I also disable ALL email notifications.  ( I get enough emails, thank you very much. )  Instead, I always enter the site via the "View New Content" link.  You can set up your preferences to display "By time period", with several options, and threads that have new content since you last read that thread will show up in Bold, so it's really easy to quickly visually scan and see if there is new content you want to read.  This works well if you want to "monitor" the whole board and not miss new posts, and I would imagine that it would be even easier if you were really only interested in making sure you kept up with a subset of the total number of threads.
Cheers and Regards

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I always wondered about this... I always disable email notifications except for PMs and secret mod stuffs... Are you saying that you wouldn't come here unless you got an email? :(




Sometimes I'm participating in multiple threads at once and I can't remember the names of all of them, so getting those e-mail notifications is extremely helpful in staying current with those topics. It's more efficient (faster) than scanning the whole board, plus I may not remember where I have or haven't posted recently.


This is indeed the way I come into MSFN most often. There are times when I do visit just to see what's new, but I'd estimate that 80 90% of the time I come in it's in response to an e-mail notification telling me that someone on a topic I'm following has posted a reply here. There's a lot of stuff going on out there in life and many different things vying for one's attention (spouse, work, family, TV, ...), so it helps a lot to get those notices.



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