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WinNTSetup v5.3.4


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Hi Maanu,


nice to hear from my friend, I'm glad to hear you doing well.


There isn't actually much WinNTSetup does for EFI. Just 1 command


BCDBoot.exe C:\Windows /s S: / f ALL, where S: is the EFI partiton


A read Icon for EFI PART means the partition does not have the EFI SYSTEM partition GUID.

So a strict uEFI should not accept this partition.

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Hello to the WinNTSetup Community



just a small question: i'm trying to use Version 3.7.0 with WINPE 5  (Base is Windows 8.1 - 64)

final click to "ok" after doing my settings always closes the program - no error message




wenn using a wim file it works, using a split image causes  a crash...



how to find out whats going on ?




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So I guess nobody used this new converted esd with WinNTSetup. Oh well, I still loved the fact that I could use it with WinNTSetup...


Hi 'JFX'


I have downloaded '9860.0.141008-2044.fbl_release_clientpro_ret_x86fre_en-us_4268ed97873110ab801beb19b3f5016090623c7c.esd' from MS Server and then Decrypted with esd-decrypter-v4c. After that create Complete ISO with boot.wim and complete 2,5gb install.wim file.


It's looking that something is wrong with 'WinNTSetup v.3.7.2' because it does not allow me to create 'WIMBoot' of 'Windows 10 Build 9860' while It successfully work if I install 'Windows 10 Build 9860' to either Hard Disk or Virtual Hard Disk (VHD). But when I choose 'WIMBoot' option then every time It give following error while 'WIMBoot' was working perfect in 'Windows 10 Build 9841' .


Error Code: 0xc0000001 


Please help me....Why I got above error whenever I choose 'WIMBoot' ?



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Sorry for the delay.

The GUI should be easy to understand and I don't want it to confuse average users with to many options.


Not sure what you mean with grub4dos here?

no problem with time-lags .

i mean with selection of the  file that makes grub4dos able to boot win7 8...

that you no  longer need to have a boot partition to create , menu.lst meaning it .

for 7 or 8 you have  to copy  bootmngr plus  boot folder in the vhd  .

that makes using your tool easy and without risk for newbies to  destroy their windows ;']

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Just found out about a few new registry entries for Windows 10, to get rid of the annoying search and task buttons. Just wanted to share with anyone interested (thanks to fekter@MDL):



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For completeness, I should add that build 9879 seems to need one more setting for removing the search icon (bottom left): "SearchboxTaskbarMode". So I just add both now:  





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A new Beta version is available with many fixes and I also added the new Win10 Taskbar tweak.


For wimlib users, please make sure your use latest version 1.7.3

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It doesn't look easy to find out what edition is supported by oem:dm.

I guess the original setup is checking if the product key in the MSDM table matches an edition in the wim.


No sure if I can implement something like that.

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