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  1. hi, will the capture wim create custom.wim if there is install.wim? (wimboot) reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/it-pro/windows-8.1-and-8/dn605112(v%3dwin.10)
  2. how to apply wimboot through gui? do i have to copy the wim to "recovery image partition" 1st then apply? so it will create pointer files?
  3. suggestion: add hotfix integrate folder that is similar to integrate driver. that saves time to recreate images. well i can live with manual integrate or pre-script.
  4. yea tats what im doin now. thanks!
  5. possible to add windows license type detection(in local windows installation tab)? from bios key it save time to check, which version should b apply. eg. coresinglelanguage / pro
  6. is it possible to kill itself after execute reboot? my nas will leave the ghost process running behind, prevent me to startup winntsetup on next reboot
  7. thanks for the update. mind to share the latest changelog? i think i saw oem:dm / win8 check. smth called os 3 ? on the top right
  8. theres a tool from mdl by alphawaves, which i believe im using with. nt sure if u can port it into winntsetup and make it run in pe.
  9. check win 8 license key available or nt, like hw it did for vista/7 license. then show license type of it if detected, pro / core / single language / bing
  10. possible to add oem:dm , type of license check for win8?
  11. thanks for the update. it is now copy-ing $OEM$ files as usual
  12. 3.6.0 gui wimlib 1.70 failed to copy $OEM$ folder twice. u might wan to check if smth broken i checked twice my $OEM$ folder exist and with files inside. edit: wimgapi broken too. folder were created, but files were not copied.
  13. is there any reason to not use quiet boot / no gui boot? or we can have a nice little checkbox to for it
  14. yeah tat is wut i thought so. my country hav quite a number of manufacturer using acer slic on their own branded netbook . always found it weird and wondering on my winntsetup gui. slic check is always useful thanks
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