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  1. oh all right thank you for reply JFX . Regards
  2. Hello My Friend JFX. its been a while since we shared information. i still miss those days. When i was around more and more and bug you, wimb. Shao. Jaclaz etc regarding different stuff. I just stop here to congratulate you on your never ending work and continue supporting this very valuable tool. I am away from the scene since 3/4 years due to my 2 jobs hence lack of time, and recently i got married as well. Anyhow few days ago a friend asked for my help / regarding his new hp laptop having win8.1 . Windows startup had issues / and as expected he had all the data on single partition along
  3. Add a 2003 setup.exe as \setup\I386_03\setupORG.exe Examle: floppy image mounted in RAM as fd0 and fd1: #patch txtsetup.oem, use 2003 setuporg.exe cat --locate=setuporg.exe --number=1 (fd0)/TXTSETUP.OEM > nul || call :error firadisk.img file error.. set /a offset=%?% - 9 write --offset=%offset% (fd0)/TXTSETUP.OEM se03_32 dd if=(fd0)/TXTSETUP.OEM of=(fd1)/TXTSETUP.OEM cat (fd1)/TXTSETUP.OEM pause press a key means i will simply add a folder i386_03 in IMA file beside I386 folder, and txtsetup will look in I386_03 folder ? i suppose there is no way to do this without using your above TSTSETU
  4. @ cdob is it possible , that even though setupORG.exe is copied OK to system32 , and renamed to Setup.exe by your setup.cmd . but still it is complaining ,at gui mode , " setupORG.exe not found " i dont understand how it could happen. i booted from PE. and checked the system32 ,there is setup.exe there (as renamed by your batch during setup ) here is presetup.log presetup log Sun 01/22/2012 2:46:38.28 search ISO file "C:\Inst\XP_RAM.ISO" search ISO file "D:\Inst\XP_RAM.ISO" search ISO file "E:\Inst\XP_RAM.ISO" search ISO file "F:\Inst\XP_RAM.ISO" search ISO file "G:\Inst\XP_RAM.ISO" sea
  5. make sure RUN is in BOOT/GRUB directory path. boot from grub4dos. press C for command line, type RUN , enter you will be in RUN mode. it is a batch , right click it , and open with notepad2 or notepad ++ or you can use the following to set its path,. my menu.lst sample for my NativePE. debug off checkrange 0x21 read 0x8280 && pxe keep graphicsmode -1 640 terminal --font-spacing=0:3 color normal=31 highlight=0x75 helptext=0x1D heading=0x0A standard=0x0F border=0x00 splashimage /SRNP/GRUB/SNOW.GZ set com=/SRNP/GRUB/ cat --length=0 %?_BOOT%%com%RUN && set root=%?_BOOT% ! ca
  6. i use RUN batch by a chinese friend Sratif , who is moderator of WUYOU.and that FIRADISK img is also by him , not chenall. may be he borrowed some code from chenall's ntboot . i dont know. RUN batch of Sratf support RUN --SWAP EXT switch . picture below . no need for those long MENU entry . as soon as your iso mapped , it gives you the above menu , and ask the user to swap the hdd . when mapping ok , it again asks the user to press ENTER to continue booting iso . read post # 1103 and 1104 RUN batch can be downloaded from 1st page http://bbs.wuyou.com/viewthread.php?tid=191301&
  7. i use modded server 2003 ISO , it is actually DataCenter edition . size about 300 MB. i will try with fd0 only. and i use grub4dos 2012-12-30 . modded iso's of xp work fine on same hardware though. i have an old branded DELL desktop . 1TB seagate + 80GB Samsung . booted with 8GB Kingsten . made bootable using fbinst.
  8. is the -cleanup like a switch to the cmd file? it will simply call the cleanup part of the batch file. try this floppy image of friadisk , made by my chinese friend Sratif (moderator of Wuyou forums ) http://db.tt/Bl77RtUG study batch file included and inf file too. @ cdob did you face any error while testing server 2003 sp2 32bit using iso install method ? after formatting partition, when windows start to copy files, it gives me error " firadisk,sys not found , make sure cd is stil in cdrom and bla bla " and all the other files which are in XP_RAM.IMA 0.5 title XP Home Install From I
  9. hi cdob thanks for clearifying , on a system where it give problem at second boot (hal.dll error) , i had 1 internal hdd , 1 usb. ,. what do you mean by > To boot once from USB: ? is this for TXTMODE only ? moreover , what happens if user boot again for gui mode ? and i guess this is newer then your XP_INST.IMA's usb32 approach ? moreover , i am specifically interested in making the SECOND MODE (GUI) with NO RAMDISK , but i have had failures so far with both winvblock , or Firadisk , both on vm and real machine. your trick of using imdisk , in XP_INST,.IMA is more interesting , i ll
  10. so to sum it up , (i doubt if i am right , because all above details are giving me headache ) 1- you only change few names according to your choice in cdob's file , and updated firadisk and imdisk . . 2- you used only this one entry only title XP Home Install From ISO With 1 USB Boot\nWorks With Low Ram also find --set-root /whatereverhere map --mem (md)0x800+4 (99) checkrange 0x80 read 0x8280 && map (hd1) (hd0) checkrange 0x80 read 0x8280 && map (hd0) (hd1) set XPISO=HOME.ISO set Image=HOME.IMA map /%XPISO% (222) map /%Image% (fd0) map /%Image% (fd1) map --hook write (99)
  11. i am not sure how you will eliminate the 2nd part (GUI mode) as a whole ? it means every file will be copied to the target partition in txt mode? and user will simply boot from internal hdd second time? will you please detail your mode you made with xp_inst.ima ? thanks. @ cdob so your final say is , firadisk is more favourite then winvblock , when we are talking about Without RAMDISK iso install ? p.s , on second part ,when user boots from internal hdd ( in cases when he was originaly booted from usb) , he gets HAL.DLL error, and normal mapping does not work on some hardware . i.e checkra
  12. Hi JFX , thank you for the new version , and accepting my request of adding Format Button.
  13. @ JFX ok , thank you , i got what you are saying , and basically i did not know about that VHD switch . thanks. @ Jaclaz it was clearly not my intention . it was just that i could not express more clearly . matter solved since i know that winntsetup can install other 7 versions on VHD . i ll take care of the rest manually. (i.e installing Winvblock using DISM or whatever) happy weekends to both of you.
  14. JFX , i have another idea, and i guess , you will just have to pull few strings , and every thing will be ready . 1- remove limitation , that only windows 7 ultimate or enterprise can be installed to VHD. 2-when any other win7 version is selected ( say win7 Pro) , the latest version of WinVblock will automatically be installed to the VHD using DISM. see following reference thread http://reboot.pro/15997/
  15. hi JFX i tried that already ,but after closing PG , the setup does not automatically show Setup screen to select, i 'd wait for the new version. and will you be nice to mention what files are needed in PE for this Format function , in case you know already...
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