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WinNTSetup v5.3.4


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How do you unlink the source?  It won't let me remove or place a dummy location where my win 2k install files are.  Now everytime I turn the pc on it tries to install the files.  How do you remove that?  What is used to point it to the installation files.  I need it to just try to load the operating system that has already been installed.

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Hmm, I'm not so sure I know what you mean.

I guess you now have 2 option in boot menu - your old installation and the new one that is ready to setup?
What the system you wanted to installed a NT6.x one (Win Vista - Win11) or NT5 one?

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So, I renamed WinNTSetup_v425_WinXP_Supported.rar to WinNTSetup_v425_Legacy_Supports_32-64Bit_Win_XP_Vista_7_8.x_10.rar. :ph34r:

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thanks for all your efforts and giving users such wonderful & rich feature software

my question is:

do you think there is a way to use Winntsetup on Macbooks (via wine-crossover or anything else) to install "backed up ESD/Wim" file so that we can install "preinstalled windows" without the configuations&options of ISO installation and use of bootcamp there?

Thanks in advance. any insight in bringing the ease & quickness of installation via Winntsetup to iOS/Mac worlds is appreciated.

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Sorry, last time I used a MAC, was over 2 decades ago, so I don't think there will be any development in this direction.  

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Hi JFX, how are you doing!?

Have you heard about the new (?) Microsoft Validation OS?

Microsoft Validation OS is a lightweight, fast, and customizable Windows 11-based operating system that you can use on the factory floor to diagnose, mitigate and repair hardware defects during Windows device manufacturing. Validation OS boots into a Command Line environment to increase reliability on the factory floor and supports running Win32 apps, smoothing the transition from early hardware bring-up to retail OS and apps development.


What is your opinion on this? For example, what the heck is it anyway? :-)


A bit more info can be found on a different forum:


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Hi Atari800XL,

I don't know why Microsoft releases this Validation OS. Seems to be a very bare bone version of windows.

It's not a WinPE, but seems to have far less features.
So I failing to see the point of it. Why would anyone use this instead of a normal boot.wim or ADK WinPE :dubbio:

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From what I have seen, besides the MS fanfare, the best definition so far is by Vinifera here:


if even diskpart doesn't run in it, I wonder what the highly specialized technicians on the factory floor would use it for.

Maybe it is just an early/preliminary release and the good MS guys will fix it in the future, but personally I am not holding my breath waiting for that.



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Hi JFX, do you intend to create any in-app workarounds for it to remove MIcrosft's new option to install only with online account?
Microsoft made internet connectivity and Microsoft Account (MSA) mandatory for installing Windows 11 22H2

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No, just use the unattend option. Win7-11-Select.xml will let you skip all question during setup, including online account creation.

Edited by JFX
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#                 Kingston sata DC GPT                   |970 Pro GPT 1To                        |Hitachi HGST 4To GPT                   |970 Evo Plus 2To en MBR |QNAP boitier 4 HDD                                                           |USB_ExtremePro128 |USB_ExtremePro64
DriveComboExclude={54B4B614-0E5A-43A1-80F7-C18469290354} |{1CC633DE-DD91-4FD3-AF52-CF6FD8BBA4C7} |{9C9C7C96-951E-49F7-9373-2D33057ECA5C} |DBE68027                |QNAP TR-004 DISK00|QNAP TR-004 DISK01|QNAP TR-004 DISK02|QNAP TR-004 DISK03  |0AB90B28          |B650E7B5

if set in winntsetup.ini , DriveComboList will be blank in Win10XPE (reproduced on real hw & vmware) , I need remove two entries to keep 8.
I can't reproduce in live system.


On 3/2/2022 at 12:25 PM, JFX said:

Hmm can't reproduce that. Attaching 16 VHDs here, it still works.

On 3/2/2022 at 8:20 AM, Sonic said:

thanks. forget to post DriveComboList is blank if more than 8 drives are specified in DriveComboExclude. (yes it's possible 😁 4 internals, 4 externals via enclosure, 2 usb key) 

Edited by Sonic
missing copy/paste
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