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WinNTSetup v5.3


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To boot via UEFI on every UEFI system, the flash drive should be in FAT32 format.

UEFI BIOSes come in two versions, UEFI32 and UEFI64. Most systems are UEFI64 but you cannot boot an x86 W10 on a UEFI64 system and vice versa.

If your flash drive has a \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI file and the correct BCD entries, then as long as it is FAT32, it should UEFI64-boot.

Once you have it working, the other thing to be aware of is that some BIOSes will ONLY UEFI-boot from the flash drive once it has the EFI boot files on it and is FAT32 - i.e. on these systems, you will not be able to Legacy\MBR boot to any payload you have on the flash drive because the BIOS Boot selection menu will only give you the UEFI boot option.

WinNTSetup will allow you to set 'Both' for MBR+EFI boot options.

This page may help you.



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I'm curious to see how "Mount Installation drive as :" option works. I want to have an installation where Windows drive is A: instead of C: without either booting Windows PE to launch the program or install from other Windows partition.

Is that possible using only Windows installer drive and how can I do that ?



I know this is not quite related to the thread but I haven't seen any solutions to my problem so I have no choice but to post my question here.
anyway how is my english lol

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5 hours ago, JFX said:

Hi cnhtdyui,

see fujianabc's osletter7.cmd: http://reboot.pro/topic/10126-nt-6x-fast-installer-install-win7-directly-to-usb-external-drive/?p=88282

But i don't think using A: is a good idea.

Thanks for the reply.

I know that it's not officially supported but that is for my aesthetic reason. I've been using Windows 10 Japanese lately and I've tried to set it up so it will look like it's installed from a PC-98.

Anyway, I'll look into it later.


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fix da engrish
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On 8/1/2019 at 12:17 PM, click-click said:

I'm not sure if what I am asking is possible, but I would like to create a recovery flash drive that will boot on
PCs that have either UEFI or legacy set in the BIOS. I currently have a recovery flash that I created with WinNTSetup
that has W10 installed in a VHD. The system boots and runs well if the hardware BIOS is set for legacy. The other
day I tried to boot from a laptop that was set up for UEFI and the flash gets ignored and there is no way to boot it
unless I go into the BIOS and set it to legacy. Not all BIOS implementations allow a legacy mode, so is there a way to
avoid having to create 2 flash recovery drives to accommodate both modes?

I have a working 100% UEFI+CSM Flash drive.

Create 2 partitions. 1st with big size in NTFS with bootsect nt60 (activate the partition) and 2nd in fat32 with 1gb in FAT32 with bootsect nt60(doesn't need activation) too.

Now create a WINPE and edit with your choices and menus. I've made 2 WINPE. 1 with menu for formatting and installing all windows version(XP to 10) in CSM mode ( normal partitions) and another with menus of formatting and installing windows 8.1 and 10 with UEFI partitions. 

You will have some work but it will work flawless with this perfect tool WinNTSsetup

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WinNTSetup 4.0 Beta 1

- Dark Theme support
- Added Disable Reserved Storage tweak added
- Added Wim Capture option
- Added Hotfix uninstall option
- Added Driver Export/Import option

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Thanks for your new update, just downloaded and testing it.

It was very easy to find Disable Reserved Storage tweak.

Only with the idea to let other members find easier the following additions:

- Wim Capture option
- Hotfix uninstall option
- Driver Export/Import option

After a left click on Icon located on upper left corner of GUI you can find them on Offline Windows.


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Thanks for Adding WIM Capture and Driver Export Option, which are both very useful to me. :)

In WIM Capture the wim file is not marked to be wimboot compatible, allthough the file can be applied for wimboot mode.
Can you add a checkbox to select Capture in wimboot mode, so that the wim file is marked as wimboot compatible ?

In the Boot code dialogue can you Add option to choose for BootMenuPolicy  Legacy Or Standard ?
BootMenuPolicy Legacy is often preferred since it allows in Multiboot to boot straight with the selected option, without the reboot that otherwise occurs.
In the Boot code dialogue in case of EFI Boot Drive, the preferred setting should be UEFI instead of ALL, since BIOS cannot be used in this case.
It would be nice if these settings can be saved in the WinNTSetup.ini file by using Save Ini Option.

In Create VHD the preset filename is still Windows7.vhd, which nowadays should be Windows10.vhd

The Menu Item for the new options is now named Offline Windows, whereas these new options can be used also with Online Windows.
May be a better name would be Windows System

The Driver Export function is also quite useful to collect the drivers that can be used with the Add Drivers option for a much faster clean install of Windows 10.

I have used WinNTSetup4 also in Win10XPE environment. The Hotfix Uninstall Option is then available.
There were no Hotfixes available for selection, allthough Windows 10 1903 Installation was Updated with 6 Updates. 
Is the Hotfix Unistall Option not suitable for these Updates ?

The preferred WIMAPI wimlib Setting is Not saved in the WinNTSetup.ini file by using Save Ini Option.
It would be nice if also this setting can be saved in the ini file.

Anyway the new options are a good improvement of the already very good WinNTSetup Program :)


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4 hours ago, wimb said:

In WIM Capture the wim file is not marked to be wimboot compatible, allthough the file can be applied for wimboot mode.
Can you add a checkbox to select Capture in wimboot mode, so that the wim file is marked as wimboot compatible ?

All the caption options are not wimboot compatible, WinNTSetup just ignores this when applying a WIM file.
I could add wimboot compression option, but i doubt anyone will use it, caused it's as very week compression.

I'll fixed the other mention points later.

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The Captured wim file without the wimboot compatible mark is not (yet) accepted by my program VHD_WIMBOOT.
But I might change that behaviour.

The advantage of your Program is that VSS Snapshot is used so that Capture of a running Windows system is possible.
I don't know (yet) how to add VSS to my AutoIt VHD_WIMBOOT Program.
EDIT: Actually I see it is not that difficult to use VSS, since wimlib has build-in parameter --snapshot for VSS support

Anyway I would like also to use in VHD_WIMBOOT the wim file Captured with your WinNTSetup program.

wimboot capture can be combinesd with XPRESS and LZX



Mark the image as WIMBoot-compatible. See Microsoft’s documentation for more information about WIMBoot. With wimcapture this option will set the compression type to XPRESS and the chunk size to 4096 bytes; these can, however, still be overridden through the --compress and --chunk-size parameters, respectively. In addition, this option will set the configuration file to SOURCE\Windows\System32\WimBootCompress.ini if present and accessible; however, this may still be overridden through the --config parameter.

In wimlib-imagex.exe capture the --wimboot parameter automatically involves XPRESS 4K compression
and for LZX I have used as parameters --wimboot --compress=LZX --chunk-size=32K

So wimboot option is not a weak compression ....

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Hmm, don't really understand. You are the one who checks for the wimboot flag.
wimlib-imagex does not care about it.

If $linesplit[1] = "WIMBoot compatible" Then
	$WIMBoot_compatible = StringStripWS($linesplit[2], 3)
	If $WIMBoot_compatible = "yes" Then $valid = 1

If you want to use dism/imagex just add this line to your program.


EDIT: be careful with wimlib's --snapshot option it is incomplete and useless for system backup.

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Sure, I know, and I said that I might change that behaviour of the program.
Then I will change VHD_WIMBOOT so that the wim files captured with WinNTSetup4 can be used.

So it is not a good idea to use wimlib's --snapshot ......
Thanks for the Warning :)

But, what is then the best way to make and use VSS snapshot ....
May be then best is to rely on WinNTSetup4 for Capture of wim file from running System :)

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