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  1. Can you include ISO2Offset.exe in download too please? With Example code lines Thanks! Sorry - maybe add readme for ISO2Offset ?
  2. Thanks for fix. Why are -range -title -link and -out options not mentioned in readme or /? help? No example for these in help\readme?
  3. yes - GWT64.exe works. :-) Can 32-bit version be fixed as this means it can only be used on 64-bit windows?
  4. I seem to be having problems! Are the range numbers too large or have I done something wrong? It just seems to be downloading a lot of data?
  5. It's OK - I figured it out URLs beginning with http://download.microsoft.com/download/ also seem to work.
  6. How do I specify a URL which does not begin with http://care.dlservice.microsoft.com/dl using -link: ???
  7. @JFX There is a discussion on reboot.pro about legally getting hold of Microsoft boot files without distributing them. http://reboot.pro/topic/22277-ventoy-open-source-usb-boot-utility-for-both-bios-and-uefi/page-6#entry214869 It would be a nice feature of GWT if it could extract all the boot files (bootmgr, boot.sdi, etfsboot.com, bootx64.efi, bootia32.efi, + any others you can think of), without needing to specify the specific ranges and paths, etc, Is this practical or would it be better to always reference the ISO and file path? How do you obtain the URL of more current Win10 (say) ISOs from http://care.dlservice.microsoft.com/ - are they available?
  8. Thanks, but I mean a proper document just for WinNTSetup not a general guide on how to install Windows. The manual should include all the special hotkeys (e.g. ctrl+shift+d, function keys, parameters, etc.) and special switches which are currently undocumented. The first post in this thread provides some details but not ALL details.
  9. There is little point in having great s/w if no one knows how to use it correctly or fully. Only the people who are willing to spend a lot of time learning all about it will ever use it. The other 95% of people will never use it and never realise how great it is! The documentation could be a simple readme.txt which can be displayed in Notepad (F1 option) or a website page which you can easily update, or a PDF or even a nicely written eBook in PDF format which you can sell for a few dollars!
  10. Ctrl+Shift+D feature not mentioned ?
  11. To boot via UEFI on every UEFI system, the flash drive should be in FAT32 format. UEFI BIOSes come in two versions, UEFI32 and UEFI64. Most systems are UEFI64 but you cannot boot an x86 W10 on a UEFI64 system and vice versa. If your flash drive has a \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI file and the correct BCD entries, then as long as it is FAT32, it should UEFI64-boot. Once you have it working, the other thing to be aware of is that some BIOSes will ONLY UEFI-boot from the flash drive once it has the EFI boot files on it and is FAT32 - i.e. on these systems, you will not be able to Legacy\MBR boot to any payload you have on the flash drive because the BIOS Boot selection menu will only give you the UEFI boot option. WinNTSetup will allow you to set 'Both' for MBR+EFI boot options. This page may help you.
  12. Can I install XP from Windows 10 PE using an XP ISO as the source within the 'XP' tab form? The only way I can do it is to first go to the Win10 tab and select the XP ISO so it is mounted as a virtual drive and then go to the XP tab and select the virtual XP CD. I have found that winnt32.exe does not work under Win10 PE - it complains about a 'Basic disk' http://reboot.pro/topic/22004-problem-installing-xp-using-win10pe-and-win10-diskpart/ So using WinNTSetup to install XP from an ISO is useful when booting to WinPE10...
  13. Sorry, one more Q. You say if a WinNTSetup.ini file exists it will be used by default. Does that apply even if specifying the NT6 parameters on the command line but without a -cfg parameter?
  14. That's odd! It is working now! Is the order of the parameters important? I am sure I tried that before many times!

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