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WinNTSetup v4.6.0

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WinNTSetup 4.6.0

- fixed vhd detection regression
- fixed dism dowload was missing logprovider.dll
- fixed possible freeze caused by PathCompactPath
- fixed possible freeze with "-noapply" mode
- fixed some High DPI issues
- fixed commandline iso attach did not return errorlevel for driveletter
- dismount of vhd with hidden bootpart will force remove all it's drive letters
- driver integration now uses dismapi, trys to avoid adding drivers of different architecture
- driver export now sorts by driver class
- move Tools\WimBootCompress.ini to Tools\Compact\
- logging content of internal VHD BCD store
- added Win7USB3 driver integration / post install fix option (see Tools\Win7USB3\ReadMe.txt)
- added wofcompress option
- added remove autocheck option

*Last 3 are right click features: https://ibb.co/NmXNbY0

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Right click and select Compact Windows option and then with Comprimeren ... nothing happens

Something wrong ?

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Thanks for version

WofCompress is running fine now in separate command window. :thumbup

Mouse Left click = Pause  and Esc Or Right Click = Continue

Ctrl + C = Stop

Very useful for Offline Windows to Reduce Used Size :)

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Glad it works now. The command window is separate process you can close WinNTSetup while it's running.

The Wofcompress.exe tool is merge in and can be also used from command line: WinNTSetup_x64.exe wofcompress.

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