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KernelEx for Win2000

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Just one question about dx installer. quartz.dll from dxnt.cab is japanese - maybe english version will be better?

I made repack based on your installer http://depositfiles.com/files/8vbzd5rxp (27 MB) it doesn't include mscrt.dll and dsound.dll. It just pack cab archives after unpacking.

So if smbd want to slipstream it into source he need to add mscrt.dll and dsound.dll into source and allow to install unsigned drivers.

Command line keys:

-gm2 silent install

-ai0 - standart install

-ai1 - faultrep install

-ai2 dx10 install

For example

dxW2kJ10xa.exe -gm2 -ai02

this will install silently standart dx + dx10

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I want to translate v7 into Polish but I have one question.


As you can see there is a difference between these language versions. In the Polish one there is only one message table '1045' but in the Japanese one you have two - JPN 1041 and English 1033.

Should I delete one of them and translate the other one into Polish or should I translate both of them?

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You cannot just replace any string with its Polish translation. It won't be properly displayed because of improper language code.

You must add Polish string with Polish language code, then you can delete strings in other languages for edited resource.

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The problem here is not the improper display but a bluescreen when starting the system after installing the Japanese version of this kernel. I'm going to give it a one more try this week :)

For example, the English version v5 of BlackWingCat's kernel32 can be installed in a Polish system without any problems. If trying to do the same with the Japanese one, Windows does not boot.

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I just recently got 5 computers, 2 of which have Windows 2000 product keys, after successfully *using a disk I just so happen to have*, I installed Windows 2000 on one of them, legitimately.

Anyways, I installed Steam with a main exception error after restarting, I have downloaded your v5 of KernelEx for Windows 2000, I'll report back asap after this second restart.

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Good news, everyone!

I am happy to report that Steam works flawlessly, at least with goldsrc games. Having a bit of trouble finding servers on TFC, but that might just be my Internet connection.

EDIT: Apparently TFC can't browse servers. As well as Half-Life 2: DeathMatch doesn't start at all since there's an error.

Here's the error:

App: (pid=272)

When: 7/14/2011 @ 19:16:53.062

Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

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Hi, SearanoX.

If it is Windows 7 without WMC, because the application use many registry setting and registered services.

And there aren't only any kernel32's function miss link, but also msvcrt, advapi32, WINSTA, WTSAPI32, and shell32.

Hi blackwingcat!

What I was referring to though was the Windows Media Center software that comes with Windows 7. If you copy the ehome folder which is located in C:\Windows\ehome and put it to a flash drive and copy it over to a Windows 2000 computer, it says its missing Encoding----Pointer. There was something in the middle of the two words but I can't remember offhand what they were. But I have a feeling if the kernel32 file was upgraded again, it's possible that WMC would run on Windows 2000.

I made DirectX full package 2010 June version for Windows 2000.

You can get it from my blog

It also supports XInput , XACT and XAudio2.

What a greate job! It's works very well! :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

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