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  1. Hello, I am recruiting developers for a DRM Free game distribution client, which is currently licensed under the GPLv3 (Changes in licensing are in discussion currently). To clarify anything first, I am not a developer, I am simply a beta tester/recruiter. Desurium is the Open Source continuation of the previously closed source Desura client. I discovered this client a few years ago and have noticed that there have been a lack of developers for this client. Currently, the Desura store is 100% Cross Platform, and has games for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Unfortunately, the latest Desura client is only available for Windows and Linux only. For Windows, the Desura client is stable enough for general game installations. The Desurium client for Windows is incomplete and needs tinkering with. Linux users are strongly encouraged to use the Desurium client as it surpasses the Desura client in terms of stability and reliability. Right now, there is a Mac client that is on the roadmap, but development has not yet started. Windows and Mac developers are strongly encouraged to contribute to this project, as are Linux developers! Desurium is again, licensed under the GPLv3 license, so you don't have to worry about any restrictions! Also a few strong notes: This is a FREE OPEN SOURCE project, you will not recieve any pay or salary for this project! You are not required to hand in any resume's or any of the sort! THIS IS YOUR CHOICE! For more information please click on the links below! This is the github repository for Desurium This is the IRC channel for developers and testers to communicate This is the beginner's guide for compiling Desurium on Windows and Linux Feel free to ask questions in this thread!
  2. Here's a little backstory on the guy, he basically remixes a bunch of small snippets from various movies/TV shows/Life itself. More information here: http://www.pogomix.net/ The Microsoft Remix: http://pogomix.tumblr.com/post/15628465175/commissioned-remix-for-microsoft-ces-2012
  3. Hmm.. I've done everything what you've said, except the last part, since I have not used the system install. It might be something else. Should I re-install the OS?
  4. Actually yes, if KDW/FCWin2k counts. But I'm not sure how to fix it, but I don't wanna get rid of the compatibility I have with WMP10 and other software I plan to test.
  5. I don't know when this happened, but I can't figure out a way to restore explorer.exe in Windows 2000. It's driving me nuts! Does anybody know of a way to restore it? I tried sfc /scannow, but it didn't do anything.
  6. I just uninstalled the program so I'm back to where I was left off. Now I need to figure out how to install that K-Lite codec pack. I read your blog but I couldn't understand it very well, as well as the compatibility mode, when I have installed KernelEx on this machine.
  7. The skins are pretty glitchy on Windows NT 4.0. It causes the taskbar to disappear!
  8. I recently downloaded http://download.cnet.com/AVI-Codec-Pack-Pro/3000-2140_4-10509745.html?tag=mncol;3 for my Win2k machine and so far so bad. WMP 10 attempts to play an AVI video, but then the screen goes glitchy and eventually goes blank, with nothing happening.
  9. No trouble at all! Almost everything works perfectly, the visualizers, fullscreen even! I have yet to test videos, I shall report back asap.
  10. It installed fully! But visualizers don't work for some reason, did they work on your part? "wmplayer.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created." It plays music perfectly, now if only we had those colorful visualizers there. Thanks for your hard work!
  11. It only works on opera 9.25, the latest of the 9 opera versions to work on Win95. As I said, FP7 won't work on Opera 10.10/01, unless turbo is enabled for some weird reason (but even with that it only shows up a gigantic Play button that nothing happens when pressed) It's mostly about the Opera 10 series of browsers for Win95. Flash 7 wants to work, but doesn't under the Opera 10 series.
  12. It wants to work, but YouTube videos don't load, yet the plugin is there and is enabled. I was using Opera 9.25 before I realized that up to Opera 10.10 can be used, but without YT videos. It's very strange, since when there's a gigantic Play button on the screen where the video normally is. It only appears when Opera turbo is enabled, however when disabled, it just shows up blank, with nothing happening at all. I've installed and used all versions of flash on version 10.01 currently and I'll get to installing 10.10 and use the latest flashes supported on Win95 (I know that Flash 7 is the last one to be supported by 95, but there might be a chance that 8/9 could work on at least Opera) and report back if anybody is interested. Is there any way to make flash compatible with 95 like KernelEx can do so with 98? With 98 you can easily install the newest flash player out just by using the installer w/KEx! If there's anything that can be done easily like what someone is doing for Windows 2k, could I get a tutorial as to how to edit a program/installer? Thanks.
  13. I'm also having problems installing WMP 10 on Windows 2k. It always checks for a UxTheXp.dll file.
  14. I'm wondering what this program actually does to Windows 2000, as after I used the programs along with your KernelEx for Windows 2000 (versions 5 and 2), I got BSoD'd and it would always loop, but after removing KernelEx, everything worked perfectly like before I installed all of the dll's, however I'm not sure if I'm using this specific program correctly. I installed all of the dll's that were included in that file I downloaded. Is that what I did wrong? What is the difference between KEx and KDW? I'm trying to install Steam.
  15. It's hard for me to explain, but I'll try.. When you apply the uberskin, how is it able to modify the icons and everything without actually touching the system files? How do the files included with the uberskin modify the entire windows GUI without changing the system files? Is there like a special type of command or script that changes the directory of the icons to where the uberskin files are?
  16. So... how exactly does a skin work? Does it have to deal with the System.ini file since it has to load the proper icons and images or is it the shell32.dll library?
  17. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to figure out how exactly skins work, because I'd like to try and make a RP for Windows 95. Granted, I have no skills as a programmer, but a project like that would be a start and with what I've read I have some, very little, knowledge on code.
  18. I thought I did on the forums, but apparently I didn't look hard enough, I searched google for a patch for it though.
  19. You're no longer active on this forum, but if there's anybody who knows or can replicate the patch in order for it to make Win 95 run OOo 2.3.1, it would be appreciated.
  20. Well, I have two computers, with both Windows 95 and Windows 98. How exactly do I extract the updates onto a disk or anywhere for that matter? I also found this. http://on-disk.com/index.php/cPath/21_25
  21. Doesn't MDGx have a website that has most, if not all of the 9x updates?
  22. You should probably wait, since I bought the 1st gen iPod touch as soon as the Second Gen iPod Touch came out, you're better off waiting since the newest iPod touch will be coming out shortly.
  23. http://www.window95.com/windows/antivirus.html I found this website that seems to have some Win9x stuff in there

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