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Install Windows from ISO after booting to WinPE 3.0 from USB HDD


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OK so this guide seems great but it also seems to be missing some steps..or I am just not seeing it.

This one has got me stumped

D:\Winpe3.0\Tools\Scripts\STARTNET.CMD D:\winpe_x86\mount\Windows\System32\

First of all, i dont have a winpe3.0 dir at all, i have the c:\winpe_x86 and the C;\program files\windows aik\ etc etc that was created when i installed aik and then mounted the image.

I also dont have startnet.cmd....so I'm kinda confused as to what I'm supposed to do. Can anyone shed some light on what I missed?

*BLAh nevermind...found the files at the end of the post, with instructions on where they were in the post itself..sorry bout that.

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OK so this is pretty cool.

One thing I was wondering about is having diskpart PROMPT for which disk or partition to format prior to installing xp. The reason I am wondering this is because I want to be able to use this on multiple PC's.

So on one pc, I may just want to format the entire disk, create 1 large partition and install xp..which this does.

On another pc, there may be 2 partitions, lets say main C and Data D. In this situation I MAY want to only format C and install xp and leave D intact. my understanding is that D would also get formatted using default options...but I dont want to have to change diskpart everytime.

Any thoughts?

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Hi all reader of this great topic,

for me it's working find on USB hard drive 80 Go with this great soft : WinSetupFromUSB

i can install xp pro or home edition but...

in part 2 step 7 their is a command XP2003.cmd and this doesn't work for windows 7 or server 2k8

if somebody got any idea it was great and for wait i'm going on google to find some answer...

thank's a lot again for this topic.


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Hey Guys,

sorry for the delay, but actully i was in a vacation and when i take one i like to be away from all kind of technology and devices :)

anyway i will review your questions and see what i can do to make this easier.

it is a good thing to hear from all of you this feedback is very helpfull to me


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As far as I understand this one, I need your file Winpe3.0ver0.1.rar. But the link is dead. You may also want to check for some spelling and/or command errors in your first post, like:

3. mount the winoe image so that we can edit it

D:\ Program Files\Windows AIKTools\x86\imagex" /mountrw D:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim 1 %D:\winpe_x86\mount

Thx :) . . . Oh, and btw: anyone got an idea why I cant log in w/ FF but w/ IE? Cookies?? -> just PM me

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Hello Bishooman, I'm trying your project, but where can I download the attachments you refer to / Winpe3.0ver0.1.rar?

+ Filedisk.reg: should it come from filedisk-17 as downloaded, or is it customized and in those attachments?

+ do I need filedisk-17\sys\obj\chk\i386\filedisk.sys or filedisk-17\sys\obj\fre\i386\filedisk.sys?

Kind Regards,

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Just a warning about PCs with more than one SATA hard disk. There is a problem with WinPE (and Vista/Win7). When *some* systems boot, HDD0 may be \\.\PhysicalDisk0 and HDD1 may be \\.\PhysicalDisk1 BUT on some systems they may be the other way round sometimes - i.e. HDD0 is \\.\PhysicalDisk1. This happens randomly and is unpredictable.

For instance Intel DQ45CB and Intel DQ57TM mainboards with two SATA hard disks do this.

MS have put a new command into Diskpart in the WinPE v3 version to work around this. SELECT DISK SYSTEM will select the 'first' hard disk which MS define as the 'system' disk. SELECT DISK NEXT will then select the 'next' disk up. So any script you use should use this and not SELECT DISK x.

This is OK if you have a system with an OS on one of the disks, but if you have two completely blank hard disks to start with, PhysicalDisk0 could be any one on any boot! This is a big issue for OEMs who automate OS installs onto systems with two non-identical drives, the OS can be installed randomly on the smaller drive or the larger drive!

The best way to get around this issue is to disable one drive in the BIOS Setup menu or unplug one SATA drive.

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Trying to download Winpe3.0ver0.1.rar, but looks like the site is gone :(

You can try to use Make_PE3.exe to create and boot with pe3_x86.iso

In PE3 you can install ImDisk driver and then mount your XP Setup ISO in a virtual drive by using R-mouse Menu.

Then you can run USB_XP_Setup.exe to Format and prepare your Target Drive for Install of XP.

More Info:


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looks like a really good guide, but I'm stuck

reg load HKLM\Winpe D:\winpe_x86\mount\Windows\System32\config\System

regedit /s D:\Winpe3.0\Tools\FileDisk\Filedisk.reg filedisk.reg is in attachments

reg unload HKLM\Winpe

I really can't get past that... and it sounds as if I need a zip containing those files from what I can gather? If so, can you reupload them? :angel

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