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  1. That worked perfectly thanks. I wonder how I got my hands on a version that was actually replaced by a different version. I would have expected with new builds, there would have just been some update but obviously whatever I got was never a public release. Anyways, thanks again. Much appreciated.
  2. So I just finished my new unattended windows 7 sp1 dvd with all updates to date. I grabbed the MSU file for IE9 and it worked fine integrating with DISM (I use this for all updates). After boot, IE9 is there, no issues whatsoever. It runs great. When I run windows updates, IE9 is still in the list..it downloads and installs like its not installed. Very weird. Is there a registry key somewhere that needs to be changed so that windows updates knows its installed? Thanks.
  3. I'm using YumeYao's addon and I havnt found any issues with it. What errors need to be patched exactly?
  4. First off I want to say that nlite hotifx integration has saved me alot of time and problems and i'm not trying to knock the program but I did notice that nlites integration isnt a true integration as it uses the svcpack method (it does a bit more work than simply throwing the files in svcpack and editing the .inf file though). What I'm wondering is that if there is a way to truly integrate the hotfixes into a windows xp source similiar to how DISM integrates hotfixes for windows 7 right into the wim file or how a windows xp sp3 disc has sp3 in the source files as oppose to having a sp2 disc w
  5. yes. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc749415%28WS.10%29.aspx I use desktop icons on my PE to direct to start.exe and an unattended, and i put one in the panther directory in the wim to have it as a default. You will need a x86\x64 universal unattend file if you have both architectures. That's interresting but does that method of specifying the answer file work when booting from a dvd and not in windows. Basically what needs to happen is that /setup.exe whatever.xml needs to be specified based on what version is chosen during a dvd boot install. I'm not sure if that will work.
  6. Thats exactly what im doing already. The idea was to skip that key screen so it goes into first boot and runs the rest of my scripts to install various programs, tweaks etc etc.
  7. From what I understand once you delete an image from the image (so if you delete #1), the numbers immediately change. so for example 1=home 2=pro 3=ultimate if you delete 1 then the order goes to this 1=pro 2=ultimate So you just need to either recheck after each delete to make sure you remove the right one or figure out before hand what the new order will be after each delete. I still want to point out though that after I deleted home basic from my windows 7 install.wim it totally broke the install and i would select home premium and it would install pro
  8. SO I integrated all the updates I could find for my vista install and this is what happens. It installs and when it goes to boot for the first time, it goes to stage 3 of 3 and then eventually to "could not update, reverting changes" and it just does this over and over. Are there any particular updates for vista SP2 that SHOULDNT be integrated because some of them do this stage 3 of 3 garbage? Is there anyway to find out exactly what update broke because theres about 60 total and i dont want to go one by one. Any thoughts? thanks.
  9. It was actually imagex not dism that i used on my windows 7 file that totally broke it. I was using the imagex from the windows 7 WAIK i think...do i need the windows vista waik imagex or does it matter? The system im doing this all on is a windows 7 machine x64,
  10. So when I'm installing vista i get some stupid choices like starter edition, home premium N (what the heck is N?), businessN etc etc.. I'm wodnering if vLite can easily remove the images i dont want and keep the ones i want (basic, premium, bus and ult). (if i cant totally remove the versions, can i atleast remove them from the selection menu?) Some background...I used DISM to remove home basic from my windows 7 image (because who actually has basic?) and it totally broke my install file. After I did this, I would choose to install home premium and it would actually install pro..!?!? so I just
  11. This somewhat goes back to my other post about product keys but that post is getting a bit bloated with different suggestions and ideas so I wanted to just simply ask the question here that may be a solution to my problem. Could it be possible to have multiple autounattend.xml files for the different versions of windows 7 (ie: home premium, pro, ultimate). Could there be a master autounattend.xml file that says (if you choose to install home premium, use homepremium.xml, if you choose pro then use pro.xml, etc...) What needs to be considered is that this install would be a dvd bootable so rena
  12. Thanks Just an suggestion. Maybe you can try to make differents "Autounattend.xml" for each version you want to install and put them inside a floppy or USB key? You can have in this way only one Windows 7 with all versions on your DVD, and choose the version you want to install with the specific "Autounattend.xml"! Change just the name for the others, like: "Autounattend_Premium.xml"; "Autounattend_Pro.xml" and the one you want use "Autounattend.xml". Some help here: I hope that will help you! If I could have multiple autounattendeds then that would work perfectly. I could put the generic
  13. There is virtually NO difference between an OEM disc and a retail disc of windows 7. Infact the ONLY difference at all is the single variable in the ei.cfg that says OEM or RETAIL for the "channel". The one difference I've seen where this needs to be changed is if you want to use an upgrade key, you have to use a retail install, oem install wont accept an upgrade key (i'm guessing because upgrade is retail only, theres no such thing as an oem upgrade). that is the ONLY difference, other than that the files are all identical.
  14. So it took me 3 tries and 3 reboots to finally get ONE image done, home basic for windows vista and i have 3 more to do. While "integrating" after selecting rebuild all, the system will hang on a random update and completely lock down the pc and I have to hard reboot it to get it to come back. Its bad enough that vlite is rediculously slow when integrating updates (compared to using DISM for windows 7). I know for a fact that its a complete hang because I was rebuilding home premium last night at work (where i am now) and left it going when I left at 5pm. When i came back this morning at 9am i
  15. I could do that, but its kind of a pain in the butt. The whole idea is to create one master disc. I already have an xp pro/home and vista disc on one dual-layer and I was going to add the windows 7 on it aswell (it will barely fit). I would rather just suck it up and have the install stop half way through and have to enter the key rather than have fifty discs laying around. Also, we're only dealing with x64 and since home basic is non-existant basically, its only 3 installs. I guess i COULD live with 3 diff installs since MOST of them would be either Home premium or pro but i havnt decided yet
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