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  1. You can create "rebuild" the links to the files from a working one. Looks like this: http://www.legroom.net/files/software/uniextract161.exe or http://www.legroom.net/files/software/uniextract161_noinst.rar
  2. As far as I understand this one, I need your file Winpe3.0ver0.1.rar. But the link is dead. You may also want to check for some spelling and/or command errors in your first post, like: Thx . . . Oh, and btw: anyone got an idea why I cant log in w/ FF but w/ IE? Cookies?? -> just PM me
  3. Using W7 here and no problems so far w/ UE. Using it regularly as I dislike having to install every peace of software coming along.
  4. You should test the files via virustotal.com, possibility's not that bad, it's just because of a/ the runtime-compression.
  5. A portable version is of some practical use, if you often use your software on different computers and don't want to install it on(to) each one. Not willing to install software on different systems is not the same as/doesn't equal not having the rights to do so. Also there are some portables of Nero on the net, but as far as i know, they already include a (pirate) key. So their use would be illegal. If there was a popup asking for a/the key – or a way to incorporate your own key – that would possibly be legal. But i don't know that for shure.
  6. "when it gives that i would be great"? -> "if there was/were something like that, it would be great"
  7. Hey, my friend, just take a look up ... (if you don't see it: it seems to be down, just get the european version till it's fixed)
  8. Actually not. I always use the european version as I'm german. Didn't think about the english-only link. Sry, my bad. But you may just use that version, too, till the english-only file is reuploaded.
  9. Hmm, no problems here downloading from iFile - what's the problem you have? Just click once on the ad above the ticket button, back, and ready to go.
  10. Haha, and the DL-site for TClock3 says: "date: 15.11.2008" o.O nice one … - maybe should rename to TimeTravel3 ^^
  11. Who would ... have u tried the selfextract-version aka *noinst.rar? http://uniextract.c1pher.com/
  12. Hell, I'm back, doin my german translation as stated "earlier". I'm sorry, but I got busy that time and forgot about it. Most Text is through, though some expressions need to be improved. Might be ready next week.
  13. As "Demo" is standard entry for demo/trial version (on german XP), I don't know of any other possible. And I believe there is no real demo/trial-serial, just the word. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Most software issues there are no different and that kinda stuff is in a seperate section. There are some ppl making not so bad XP-CDs. (To change the keys to owned and legal ones isn't really a challange.) And btw: you should always know the enemy well *hrhr*
  15. No offense, wrong suspicion or accusation, but i've seen that error on some "not-that-legal-stuff" boards.

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