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  1. I suspected it wasn't so easy as to integrate it using DISM... well, going to take some time to do that for every single image and installing for every language... well, thank you for your help
  2. Hi, I'm playing around and were thinking about creating a Extreme USB stick with everything I can put into it... all versions of windows, all languages, all updates and the OPK kits for Office, Security Essentials and Windows Live.... the problem being that I don't know how I should go about integrating Office, Security Essentials and Windows Live... Could someone help me out here?
  3. Hello, I'm currently working on creating a Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 AIO disk with all available MUIs, LIPs and Edtions on one USB-Stick. I've gotten around to slipping all languages in all editions and put them together (a total of 30 editions including x86 and x64), but can't wrap my head around the unattended part of the mix. I also want to do cosmetic changes (OEM-logo, Login-screen and sounds) pre-installation, anyone know any guidelines on that?
  4. Hello, I'm playing around with a windows 7 distribution, and ran into a problem; Is it possible to add several languages (need English, Japanese and Norwegian) to install? I'll need it to view the installation in the chosen language, and to have the language chosen as the base-language for the installed OS. Example: Choosing "Mitt språk er Norsk"/"My language is Norwegian" in the start of install changes the whole installation to Norwegian and installs Windows 7 with Norwegian as the base language, while "My language is English" changes the whole installation to English and installs Windows 7 with English as the base language Is this possible?
  5. I've been trying to figure out this one for some time now: Creating a *.WIM containing a Windows XP Professional installation that is Hardware independent, and can thus be installed on another machine with the help of the Preinstallation environment for win7 Anyone know if it's possible to do this and, if it's possible, how to do it?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to get a batch going for my first logon into windows 7... I want to change some of the user-directories (Downloads and Documents only). And I need a command to reboot to safemode if possible. Is there anyone out there that can help? I just can't break this nut *I've figured that I need to edit the register in order to move those folders, but have no idea what part of the registery that should be edited*
  7. Actually didn't notice that forum... feeling really stupid now Anyways, thanks for the pointers o(^_^)o
  8. looks like a really good guide, but I'm stuck I really can't get past that... and it sounds as if I need a zip containing those files from what I can gather? If so, can you reupload them?
  9. Hi, I'm not exactly sure where to post this as it's about both XP, Vista and 7, but here goes... I change windowses very often, and have a somewhat limited stock on both CDs, DVDs and USB-memsticks, so I'm wondering if theres a way to put the installations to XP, Vista and 7 on one USB-stick?
  10. the thing is this: I have a slimmed/vlited version of windows 7 where the following languages are removed: Japanese, Chinese and Korean. I need the Japanese language, and are getting mad of seeing boxes all day, trying desperately to read what it says... so I'd like to readd that support to either the allready installed windows or to the CD-Image. I've tried using windows update to download and install the Japanese MUI, but the problem still prevails; There's boxes everywhere.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if there's any way to readd japanese language-support after it's been removed from a Win7-disc? I've tried installing a Japanese MUI, but with no luck...
  12. I've tried that one earlier... The filenames are written in green too... havent seen any files like that before... EDIT: done some searching, seems that it's encrypted, is there any way to reverse this without the key? brute force or something like that? EDIT2: I backuped the AppData folder before the reinstall... I think windows stores the encryption-key in the %appdata%\Microsoft\SystemCertificates... is there any way to get that into the current installation?
  13. Hello, I've just jumped from x86 to x64, and that in and of itself went rather well, but my desktop holds a lot of files that seems to be unwilling to open since I don't have permission to do so... Is there any way to release these files so that I can use them again?
  14. After faaaaaaar too many hours googling I came across a hint to disable Hardware acceleration on the flash... have watched about 10 clips after that without the crash... does this match your idea that it might be hardware-related?
  15. I considered that... but it only happends in the two versions of 7 that I use... never happened in windows XP, windows vista or ubuntu (or any of the other x linux builds I've tried lately), so I kinda doubt that it's the problem...

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