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Windows 7 x64 vLite "extreme removal"


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@Junior2613: if you already have a mount and get errors on the package-removal, I suggest you test again and let the removal batch do the mount

@liquid0624: system32 is for the 64-bit files, SysWOW64 for the 32-bit files (open up a file in notepad and look for processor Architecture).

My bad jeronimo i believe you are right on this not finding processor Architecture in that encrypted mess but looking at the size of browcli.dll in System32 is 57KB and the size of it in SysWOW64 is 40.5KB meaning the 64-bit versions are in System32 b/c the size of a 64-bit dll is always bigger nice work never new this though it was the other way around ;) great work once again my friend :thumbup I still don't know how you are getting you install.wim down to 800 MB though lowest i can get mine removing all packages you do and cleanup all the files you do as well except for the .net stuff i just removed the .net 3 package and i can only get mine to 1.15gb install.wim and a even 1.30gb for my ISO size.

i was able to get my wim down to 780mb but im hoping to hit 750mb?! :P

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Thanks guys'n gals for all the information and sharing your experiences! :thumbup I got install.wim down to 674 MB on x86 system. Everything installs and basically works but i wasn't happy with that small version. It was a little bit too crippled to my liking. 700..800mb install.wim now i'm making seems to be pretty optimal for my needs. Encountered one strange problem though.. I've integrated 9 updates but it shows up on control panel as 29 updates installed!? Something went wrong obviously. Does someone have any idea about?

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@Jedi-to-be: ok, bold was just a reminder to myself and notice to important components, not ok means not completely removed by vLite and keep for your Windows 7 edition is self explanatory.

I am under the strong impression, that driver integration does not work with dism. I think for this I will stick with vLite the next time. Right now I have re-installed my C-drive for the 1st time since build 7137 and so far I am loving it. RTM takes up 3.89GB with everything installed. I do have a minimal of applications installed as I am a happy user those portable apps or at least those that do not require installation. Those are on my D-drive, which do not even take up 400MB including My documents.

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Jeronimo, you are doing a great job :thumbup , did your removal batch script work for x86 platform?

i'm follwing SausageHack's guide and it works well for x86 platform, now i will try out x64 version.

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Driver integration worked fine with DISM for me. I have a Synaptics Touchpad and nVidia graphics and both were working during the installation phase (i.e. screen resolution was corrected and I could scroll)

Jeronimo I'll update the guide and consolidate everything once the new batch is out! :)

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@dridzz: maybe you are using an older batch file. I knew there was an action that did not have the mount performed, otherwise I can not explain this.

I updated the batch-file. Along with the mentioned changes I also added the fixreg from SausageHack's Guide. If mine is too complex and you want a more detailed guide, then check out his.

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Jeronimo, is it possible to remove Client-Driver and/or Common-Driver package(s) and still boot to desktop?

If "disable-feature:MediaPlayback" is set what's the result of that?

N-spesific packages:


these packages do not exist in N-version:


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