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  1. Hi, Windows 8 consumer preview version is released. Anybody try out to reduce Windows 8 size? I'm not sure if the method for Windows 7 lite is workable on Windows 8.
  2. oldghost


    Try to fix registry setting like below: reg load HKLM\wim E:\Mount\Windows\System32\config\software reg delete HKLM\wim\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace\{98D99750-0B8A-4c59-9151-589053683D73} reg unload HKLM\wim
  3. I get an error during the first time login to system. It shows "There was a problem starting C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iessetup.dll, the specified module could not be found." But this error will not appear any more after rebooting. Which package will cause this error? I definitely remove too many packages
  4. Jeronimo, you are doing a great job , did your removal batch script work for x86 platform? i'm follwing SausageHack's guide and it works well for x86 platform, now i will try out x64 version.
  5. wow, i followed your guide with a little modifications and my partition c only takes less than 1.8GB (without virtual memory), it's so cool, thanks for your efforts. but i got some questions: 1.) REM Image Index (pre-vLite: 1 HomeStarter, 2 Home Premium, 3 Professional, 4 Ultimate) actually, i found there are 5 indexes in rtm install.wim. Ultimate index is 5 not 4, you may check my attched log. 2.)why do we need repeat steps 15 and 16 in your guide? 3.)in your guide, you said: "Now the final step is a vLite dummy run. vLite the image and apply one tweak", what does this mean? shall i run vlite then rebuild? 4.)removal32.bat removes a lot of packages. how to get a full package list together with description so that i can create my customization system depend on my requirement. wim.txt
  6. Can anybody tell me file size of rebuilt ISO installtion file? Thanks.

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