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  1. Ok thanks and cheers for moving the topic, wasn't sure where would be best for it
  2. Hi, Many thanks to the author of this install_wim_tweak.exe tool (I found the source post a while ago but can't seem to locate it anymore :/ ), I'm utilising it in a project I'm building... Anyway, I was wondering if someone would be able to recompile it with a switch that suppresses the need to 'press any key to continue' when an error occurs? It works great at the moment via the command line but when an error occurs the process remains, having to kill it via task manager. Hoping someone can help out Cheers
  3. DISM is laboriously slow, drives me But DISM Tool™ requires Powershell. First rule of MSFN you do not delete Powershell. Second rule of MSFN you do not delete Powershell. J/K, looks like you save about 200Mb or so, that sounds about right. Opps, sorry, I haven't utilised DISM Tool as much as I should have
  4. Thanks Jinje, that makes a lot of sense regarding file compressibility. The main removals were: ; \Program Files\Microsoft Games (140mb) ; \Windows\Help\mui\0409 (4mb) ; \Windows\Help\Windows\en-US\*.h1s (20mb) ; \Windows\System32\Recovery (140 mb) ; \Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell (8mb) ; \Windows\Web\Wallpaper\ (38mb) ; \Windows\winsxs\Backup (400mb) So roughly 750mb, but still with maximum compression the same new_image came out at 1.54 GB, still a long way off of perfect...
  5. Ok, 900mb was a bit excessive, I remove about 500mb give or take... I don't want to compress it further than it already is, which I assume is 'fast'. Seeing as I removed ~500mb from the mounted image, I'm wondering why this is not reflected in the final wim size. I run a tight ship hahha Ok, updated procedure imagex /export full_image 5 single_image imagex /mountrw single_image mount_dir [remove 500mb] imagex /unmount /commit mount_dir imagex /export single_image 1 new_image Results: full_image = 1.77 GB single_image = 1.67 GB new_image = 1.64 GB 500mb is still there somewhere... I'm already short of hair, I can't afford to pull much more out :/ Am I meant to do anything in between any of the steps, like delete/move excess files before exporting? scratches head, oops
  6. Interesting, thanks for the reply, I'll give it a go...
  7. Hi, So I've read up a lot and got the customisation down to a t', but I can't for the life of me get the WIM size to reduce... Here's my procedure at the moment: Extract Windows 7 x86 to D:\win_source Use imagex to /mountrw image 5 (ultimate) install.wim to D:\win_mount Run the hive access tool Use DISM to remove a number of packages (~20) Manually delete about 900mb of files/folders from D:\win_mount Use imagex to /unmount /commit Use imagex to /export /compress fast (image 5) install.wim to D:\my_wim.wim The result is my_wim.wim having almost exactly the same size as the original install.wim I'm thoroughly confused. What am I missing from the above steps to get the final wim size down?
  8. I'm interested in which files it is dependent upon too, as I'd much rather extract the necessary few MBs from WAIK and dump them in the RT7Lite folder than install the entire 1.3GB WAIK kaboodle :/ Much like Nuhi supplied the dependencies and you could add the necessary files to vLite's installation folder, I'd much prefer to do the same with this tool too! Hope bensam chimes in here
  9. I used the elite64.ini and the remove.bat from this thread, and my ISO is 1.08GB. I'm using Ultimate N and I haven't manually removed anything from WinSxs\* yet. Looking to get it below 1.0GB...
  10. I've been getting the 'not serviceable' errors too, when trying to /get-packages. I'm manually mounting with dism, not using the removal.bat. Also can't seem to unmount the wim either..., very strange
  11. I believe there's a couple of other topics describing this method already. And yes, it's still applicable for, nice and easy to wrap up in a smart SFX archive for easy deployment
  12. Incorporating an email validation process would be ideal I would imagine. An example script: http://biorust.com/index.php?page=tutorial...l&tutid=115
  13. Many thanks jcarle, I was playing with App.EXEName for at least 2 hours last night, but that did the trick perfectly! Cookie for you
  14. jdoe, Thought I included everything in the attachment that makes the splash work?! And I wasn't expecting magic, just some helpful advice :/ Anyhow, Thanks Tarun, seems I can't achieve the dynamic text from the exe name then, if I understand you correctly, cheers for looking anyway.
  15. Hi there, I'm hoping someone with a bit more experience of VB6 might be able to help me out with this... I'm using a generic splash screen script which works fine as is, but I have no idea how to get the name of the exe to be displayed as the splash appears. The purpose is so that whatever the splash screen exe is named as, will appear in the splash, (without the .exe part) E.g. If I were to rename the splash exe to nlitened.exe, it will display this: Hope I explained it well enough Thanks in advance
  16. Nero Micro RC3 here too RC2 kind of worked, except for errors I reported. Will check out your next installment...
  17. Excellent, thanks for the link m8, looks quite similar to Royale Remixed... will investigate... Cheers again
  18. WOW... thats just greedy lol gamehead200, can I ask which theme you're using? I'd like to have a compact start button like that...
  19. Interesting, I've always thought you could do that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I'll do some testing and post back. EDIT Nope, same result... receive the FATAL ERROR when try and run ROM & Express.
  20. This removes the trial reg doesn't it?... [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Installation\Families\Nero 7\Info] Which is included...
  21. It sounds like Wordpress or another such CMS would be perfect for your situation. I can't really comment on MovableType as I have limited experience of it, but Wordpress seems to the bill, as it has a very user friendly interface. The only problem I can foresee, as you mentioned it, would be 'converting' your current site into Wordpress. You would need to add the content yourself, for each news item/category etc. Wordpress does have a handy backdating feature so continuity wouldn't be a problem. At this point, I'd suggest you grab yourself a copy of XAMPP or similar webserver, install it on your computer and create the Wordpress version of your site offline. Once you're happy with the site, and your fiancée feels comfortable with it, just FTP the whole lot to your webspace, remember to backup your current one though
  22. I tested this on a clean XP SP2, the registry details are entered fine but when trying to run Nero ROM or Express from the start menu I receive the following error: And are unable to proceed. Nero ProductSetup works fine
  23. Ok, removed the start /wait (it was form a previous batch, forgot to delete), but still the same result. I'm on XP SP2 Can anyone else confirm this?
  24. Could do with some more info really, in what scenario are you using it?... if( $member['birthdate'] == date() ){ echo "It's ".$member['name']."'s birthday!"; }
  25. There's a number of approaches that you could take: Consolidate the 6(?) separate pages into one PHP file (Using $_GET variables to switch between 'pages'), would still require manual editing of the source file for updates. Use a CMS such as Wordpress, it looks pretty similar in layout and wouldn't be too difficult to create a theme to look similar Learn PHP and design our own dynamic site with an Administration panel to update the relevant site areas. Personally, Id choose the latter, as I love creating dynamic PHP projects; forums, blogs, bittorrent trackers, personal sites... If you're not too hot on PHP, I'd probably recommend using Wordpress for ease. Let us know how it goes... http://www.hilltopvillagerabbitry.com/imag...oe_minirex1.jpg Poor thing looks like it's being interrogated

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