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Windows 7 x64 vLite "extreme removal"


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Hi to all. I've been watching this topic since it started, and yesterday I faced a new problem. I wanted to install Expression Web 3 which requires NET 3.5 SP1 to be installed. If I try to run the installer from microsoft website it keeps telling me that I must install Net Framework 3.5 SP1 from Windows Features, but in Control Panel > Programs > Windows Features, it not appears. Using my batch script, I removed from install.wim the following packages.

Question: Is there any of these packages known as they are breaking NET Framework 3.0 or 3.5 ????

Thank you.






























































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Is it really worth giving this a try? Not that Jeronimo didn't do great work, but this is still based for the larger part on the actual component removal by vLite, and to be honest I have rarely had a completely successful go with vLite on Win7. Especially stuff like .NET being broken even though I didn't remove any of its components (neither through the batch-file not through vLite). I think it would be nice to shift focus to a new approach, i.e. leaving vLite behind when it comes to Win7. RT Seven Lite seems to be on the right track in all this, though still in beta, it's doing a more than decent job.

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We've already got tools and threads for this all over the forums. Also, you seem to be looking for help on this in multiple other topics - it might be wise to, instead of spamming about the forum, be more precise in your postings, and search before posting. These questions have been asked before - if you need something more specific, feel free to ask. However, up until now all of your questions are a little to vague (or have already been answered / discussed here), so please be a little more industrious before asking for help in the future. Thank you.

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hey i have an asrock n330 bluray media center but i want to vlite a personal copy of windows 7 ultimate as my os on this device for it this is for speed reasons i want to keep media and internet as my primary functions for this installation and also have internet tv streamed on to it plus sky player, the problem i have is vlite is a little beyond my knowledge base and i was hoping for a basic preset file with most the bloatware and stuff i dont need removed so i can just slipstream the drivers in and the software i want installing doing as an extra would anyone help me with this please as i want this setting up for my girlfriends television as a present thanks :)

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Would this method work with Windows 7 SP1 too? :unsure:


I am willing to do this with Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 bit.

Will it still work or not? :unsure:

You just need to make sure you make your install.wim workable with vLite first as outlined in this thread, before using this method...

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hello, anyone care to do it for windows 8.1 as well. I want to make usb thumbdrive with it and only have 4Gb (meaning something along the 3,75 GB) size thumbs and recent windows iso stick its foot-thumb out of its shoe so to speak regarding their size. I dont feel like buying other bigger usb drives though they are cheap.

I will gladly dump fat from tat install also.

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